Sunday, July 30, 2006

why journal online?

Never occurred to me that I'd be posting a blog. I can't imagine why considering I'm a raging attention hound and don't really care what people say about me as long as I'm mentioned. But this blogging craze never seemed right for me. I'm sure my friends would find that amusing as I am want to regale people with nearly every single personal detail of my life at any time; especially if asked a direct question.

But this blogging always seemed to me... well... hell, just keep a journal fer crissakes! But I've decided to start this blog more for others than for myself. You want to read my real journal, you'll have to take me to lunch!

I don't know if I'll have any success at keeping this thing running, long-term commitments tend to be my downfall. But I was given a great gift one year, 9 months and 4 days ago and if my ramblings could do the same for someone else, than it would be a worthwhile endeavor to keep this blog up.

Someone I'd never met before saved my life... and whod've thunk such a thing was possible? Not me. But it happened and every single day since that miracle I have been happy as hell to be alive. For someone who was making her own funeral arrangements and relieved to finally be checking out this is a monumental switch.

Due to the public nature of this site I'm going to keep mum on the details of said miracle as the catalyst of my new life is totally in the dark on the topic and I don't believe a public forum is the right venue for dropping news like this on someone. At some point I'll spill, but for now let's just leave it that someone showed me a new path just by being. And for the first time in my life I actually started loving myself: hence the title of this blog.

SO there's an ambiguous introduction, let's see if I can manage anything awe-inspiring in the days ahead; or if I can't be awe-inspiring I'll be happy with being funny.


Anonymous said...

As one the the friends who just had a conversation with Joy about journals, I am happy to see this blog. Of course, I want to see my name mentioned so my interest is not totally selfless.

For those of you who are happening upon this on. Joy is full of wisdom, a wonderful writer and one of the most amazing people on the planet!

Joy said...

Baby, your check is in the mail. Promise!