Tuesday, August 01, 2006

always against the grain

Hot Fun in the Summer Time should be blaring from every radio. It's maybe 178 degrees today in beautiful New York City. Naturally, I decided today would be the perfect day to walk outside for an hour, oh yeah and run too. I can't seem to help myself. The days when the air quality is at its worst, when oldsters are in danger of death just from stepping outside, when dogs are smart enough to lay out flat and cool their bellies in the breeze, when even car horns sound like sighs: Joy decides to get in a little extra cardio. Pretty typical of me. I have some authority issues. Even if the authority is the weatherman. I do NOT like being told I shouldn't do something. God knows I hate being told I CAN'T do something.

So instead of being smart, I risk heat stroke. But for some reason it always works out for me. At least it does now, I guess it's true that attitude is everything. I actually feel terrific. I should be flat out on the floor from dehydration: I'm actually a little overhydrated instead. (Yes, it's clear) I started a Vegan & fat free diet a week ago and find that I'm not only perkier, but I'm completely hydrated without having to choke down 8-10 glasses of water a day... all the fruit and veggies really DO have a lot of water! It's a regular Niagara Falls around here.

oh nice place for a segue...

if anyone needs new music to run to, or dance to, or make love to, or just plain live to, I heartily suggest you investigate the unbelievably happy, funny, clever, poetic and touching music of The Niagaras. If you don't know this band... my heart goes out to you. Learn about them here. And then go see them live. You will never, ever see a more unique and energetic show - or one with more disparate 'types' in the audience.

I am almost evangelical in my attempts to convert the uninitiated ... but what is religion, really, if not feeling a spirit move you? Trust me, stranger, you will be moved. C'mon! And if you fear dying of a heat stroke, just bring a defiant attitude ... and a bottle of water !

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