Sunday, August 06, 2006

Diversión grande en la casa de la alegría (big fun in the house of joy)

My poor dog. He's sick as a... well... as a dog. Really, I'll spare you details but suffice to say I'm doing a lot of cleaning. The worst of it missed my new carpet, not entirely, but at least it wasn't the entire carpet! Poor puppy: I think he's terrifically embarrassed. He's been 'potty trained' since day one and when something like this happens it's only because I was too sleepy to get the message that he REALLLLLLLLY wanted to go out.

So my morning has been a delight of stain removal and worry. He's almost 11 years old and he's a big dog: so he's really up there in years. He still acts like a puppy most of the time and the vet said he has the teeth of a two-year old, which is fantastic... but when he gets sick I worry. A lot.

He's the first dog I've had that was my own: which means no "we're taking him to a farm where he can have lots of room" bullshit. And no psycho father throwing him into the street to be hit by a car and refusing to take him to the vet. (Hey, I'm happy now: but I wasn't always so this stuff is going to come out if only for comparison's sake). So... my dog, my responsibility and I take that pretty damned seriously.

I think the thing that makes dogs so appealing is not simply that they f-ing LOVE US even when we don't deserve it, but that they are (unless they're really ill) boundlessly HAPPY! "Oh a ball!!!" "Oh you're home!" "Oh a cookie!!" "Oh we're going out!" "Oh we're going back in!!" It's all fantastic to them. Every single minute is full of joy. They are utterly in the moment and everything is a blessing. Well, okay maybe not everything: my pup has a lovely habit of rolling his eyes at me when I'm (to him) being stupid. I can't imagine where he got that from... couldn't be from me. Uh-huh. But in general every moment is simply THE BEST EVER! It's something to aspire to, to be so "I'm alive and this is just plain GREAT!" all the time. To let things that bug you just roll off and stay in the past.

I'd like to say I'm there 100%, but I'm only human (too bad!), but I'm working on it. And now I'm going to be working on blotting up the stain remover from the carpet and hoping that there won't be more to clean up when I get back from the theater this afternoon. I'm going to see a show called Pig Farm... something tells me that after the fun of this morning I'll feel right at home.

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