Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I'm just all about Mexico right now. How boring to anyone who isn't me. I know. I know. Very self-indulgent. But it's all I can think about - sleeping in the sun (I hope there's sun... hurricane season may not have been the ideal time to go back). Staring at the carribean sea. Waiting for the pelicans to fly overhead. There are so many pelicans! And I had never seen pelicans in the wild before so it was a very Jurassic Park moment. You know, at the end of the first movie as they're leaving the island ... the pelicans flying by.

I've never been one to dream of flying. An awful lot of people do, dream of flying I mean. I can't recall a single time, and since I remember my dreams often thanks to some really poor sleep habits learned as a child, I'm pretty positive I'm not someone who does loop-di-loops in the clouds in my dreamworld.

I do dream of apartments however. Which is not as odd as I thought it was when I first began having my recurring apartment dreams. Turns out a lot of people have these dreams. My version goes like this:

I'm moving into a new place, it's never a house always an apartment. I guess my childhood in a house left a bad taste - I'm an apartment girl for sure. So, I'm moving into or being shown a new apartment (which is ALWAYS awe inspiring). It's always a cool space, laid out in a clever way with gorgeous fixtures and woodwork, lots of details we'd all kill for in our shoe-box New York apartments. Clearly it is always a space I could never afford - but "Ta-Da" welcome to my dream! So even though it's this fabulous, ideal, too cool to exist in reality place and I grab it - and it's mine. At some point after I start settling in, decorating, unpacking whathaveyou, I discover something wonderful! The place I thought I was getting is not all there is! There's even MORE!

Usually the 'more' is an exact replica of the space I was aware I was moving into - like a mirror image of the apartment that I discover by opening a door. If it's not simply a matter of doubling the size of the apartment with a twin apartment attached, it is sometimes an even more intricate, Architectural Digest spread of a space just on the other side of the door. I'm always wowwed, and despite my worry that I've stumbled into someone else's apartment accidentally, it always turns out that indeed ALL THIS IS MINE!!! Wheeeeee!!!!
It's such a happy, fun dream and I always wake up from it feeling fantastic and peaceful.

According to Jungian symbolism, the 'dwelling' is yourself. I see this happy wonderful dream as the subconscious's way of telling us that we are wonderful, we're great, and surprise! There's EVEN MORE greatness we haven't discovered yet! It's there, it belongs to us, we have full reign of it and we OWN IT -- we have only to open the door and discover what wonders are waiting inside us.

We carry a world inside us, our minds capable of infinite 'rooms', getting to know those rooms, discovering the extra wonders we hold inside ourselves, hidden even from our own conscious thought, can take years - or it can happen in an instant. Either way these miraculous new worlds are inside us, we just have to open our eyes to them, believe they are there and we can experience them asleep and then, when we're ready and strong enough, while we're awake. And how exciting that discovery is.

I wish you pleasant dreams.

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