Monday, October 09, 2006

kind of fun...

Over the past two days I've had two separate, yet similiar conversations with two friends. Both involved them telling me they thought I'd be good with kids. One as a teacher, the other as a "good influence"... of course this is all in the abstract as I'm really not so great with kids.

I'm fairly patient, and I can be fun with them... but after about an hour I can't sustain it and will invariably say something "too adult" or maybe I'll tell some poor kid that Peter Pan is being played by a woman.

True exchange between myself and 6 year old Maya during a performance of Peter Pan starring Cathy Rigby (who was really wonderful) which I attended at the request of my best friend (their teacher) to assist as a chapareone.

Me: Wow, she's amazing.... she looks really convincing as Peter considering she's what... a 50 year old lady, huh?

Maya: WHAT? You mean Peter Pan is a GIRL?

Size 8 to the mouth.

I may as well have handed her a cigarette and a shot of whiskey. I just FORGET they're kids sometimes... Even as a kid I spent more time with adults than with other children, so it's just ... I forget, okay?

I do feel pretty bad about disillusioning Maya, but I have to say that almost a year after the fact she still refers to me as Joy, You know the one who told me Peter Pan was a woman... and she says it with a sort of pride. Which I admire. And Maya is also my one and only fan. She actually has an autographed 8x10 of me in her room. Odd? Sure, but I guess it proves my friends right... I do have some kind of influence on kids.... maybe not the best influence, but influence nonetheless. And I figure when she's an adult, if she still remembers me, she'll have herself a good laugh at the crazy lady who sat with her class during Peter Pan and blew Peter's cover. And after all, it's not like I said anything about Santa Claus!

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