Saturday, October 28, 2006

My Dog Hates the Rain...

It's one of those lovely-to-stay-in-bed days. Raining off and on and kinda dreary outside. This means trouble.

My dog is not fond of rain. He would rather burst his little bladder than go outside in the rain (and he would never deign to have an 'accident' in the house). So rainy days are tough.

Today however I got him out around 1pm and our timing was great. It had stopped raining and out we went. He was perky so I got him to walk around the block. Another herculean task as he isn't much on walking any where that takes him where he can't get home in two seconds flat. We were half-way around the block when it happened: the sky opened up and TORRENTS of rain came down! I had no umbrella, Basil had nothing (poor nekkid doggie!) and we were caught in the rain.

Me, I like getting caught in a downpour, I think it's fun. My dog disagrees.

But today was different! He actually continued sniffing around, he didn't bolt to run home, we actually walked about a 1/2 block before he even seemed to be bothered by the rain!!

"Hey, what did you do with my dog????" I asked him.

"....." he answered. C'mon, he's a dog. He doesn't talk.

We came around the corner of our street and though he'd usually run through traffic to get home rather than be in the rain, he plopped himself down under the awning of the restaurant on the corner. Curtains of rain fell around us and we were in a little protected square. Basil was apparently quite happy to stop under the awning and watch the mayhem around us: people (and dogs) running through the rain. Watching him sedately watching everything going nutty around him really struck me. This dog is so f-ing ZEN sometimes! So instead of worrying about getting back home (all of 6 doors away) I leaned against the wall and chilled with my smart dog.

I could not get the smile off my face. It was a silly, happy moment. We just stoppped. I don't often 'stop'. This is New York... we keep moving here. But sometimes, like when nature decides to FORCE you to chill-out, it's nice to be still. To stop thinking about the million things you need to get done, but will never get done, and just BE.

We finally did a sprint to the next awning and did the same ''stop and watch" thing; and one more sprint to our building where we stopped in the doorway and did it again. Basil's tail was wagging and he was doing his doggie smile... and I realized I was laughing and smiling too. We were soaked, but happy. Maybe he doesn't hate the rain so much any more. People...and dogs... can change. It's good to remember that.

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Anonymous said...

You reminded me of the importance of taking a moment to 'be'. It sounds so cliche to say we need to take time to stop and smell the roses - but WE DO! I too am a crazy, run-around type. Taking time to walk my dog, not let him out in the yard, was something I was committed to twice a day. Sometimes I didn't want to go but I did. And everytime I was happy for the opportunity to slow down, breath, watch the squirrels and witness my doggie's simple enjoyment of 'getting out'. I'm so happy that you had that moment with Basil. Now the trick is to create a life that is a string of appreciation. It seems as if you are on your way.