Monday, October 02, 2006

Welcome to cold season...

I could feel it coming. I knew it. That tiny tickle in the throat... that sniffle that doesn't go away... it's here. I have my first cold of the season. Damn.

It's not a good week for me to have this. Sure, you ask, when would a good week to be sick be... exactly? Well not THIS week. I have too many plans this week and some days are double-dips on the socializing so it really makes for a bad week to crave staying in my bed with bowls of soup, Vicks-vapo-rub, and a giant box of Puffs.

I knew I'd been lucky not getting sick sooner. Invariably when I fly I end up with a cold on the return home... I blame the poor air circulation on planes, of course. But the last time I went to Mexico I came home... waited for the onslaught of stuffiness - but it never came! Wheee! All that sun and fresh air kept the cold-inducing bacteria at bay... hey, look I'm not a scientist I have no clue, all I know is I didn't get sick last March. But now, here I am. A sneezing, watery-eyed, sore-throaty mess. I don't even think it was the trip this time: I think it was more likely the subway. Whatever the cause, I'm slathering on the Vicks... heating up the Tabachniks Veggie soup and crawling into bed because tomorrow I'm getting up (and out the door... ouch, that's the hard part) at the crack of dawn to meet a friend who wrangled me an invite to the geek fest of the year. Christie's private viewing of Star Trek memorablia. Oh yeah... I may have let go of my ridiculous action-figure collection, but this is too good to pass up. So at the crack of dawn I will boldly go... yeah, sorry... it's breakfast at Christie's auction house to eat bagels and check out Spock's actual ears.

.Someone is going to have to pinch me. I may embarrass myself....
like I haven't already.

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