Friday, November 17, 2006

The Cake

Yes, my friend was correct. If you quit, you get a cake. I didn't really believe it, but here it is. That's my cake. Ain't it GORGEOUS?!

And it was delicious as well. And I was touched beyond the telling of it. Not only was it a lovely way to end two weeks of wonderful 'farewell' lunches, with wonderful people, one of which was actually home-made spagetti and meatballs (not to mention antipasto and wine all of which were made and than lugged into the office by a very sweet woman who is a little too good for her own good... and she makes a helluva meatball!) but the cake was ordered specially for me (oh my GOD!) and then picked up in Brooklyn and trekked back into Manhattan, by another woman who is a little too sweet for her own good (she brought the Tiramisu to the Meatball party too -- Nice!!!)

And I got presents too! Holy hell, who knew?! A girly bathset from BLISS, hello! And a vintage leopard hatbox and a beautiful vase with my name on it -- and it doesn't even look like a Christmas vase. Hey, with a name like "joy" you get very used to having misteltoe or a reindeer on anything with your name on it; it's always a rare treat when it's not a holiday thing!

So many people stopped by to say good-bye I couldn't take it! I felt very ... popular. And I was a little astounded. And it was.... really, really nice.

And even though I was dancing in the halls most of the day... I tried not to be too obnoxious about leaving but ... you know... HAPPY! I was also feeling a little misty about saying good-bye to some very nice people... who actually seem to like me. Talk about a shock! Hey, I'm healthier but it doesn't mean I'm the Queen of Confidence or anything! My head inflates rather easily, but it deflates even easier, hence my need for constant praise or reassurance... empty flattery sometimes works as well. I'm not too fussy that way. I'll take it!!

But all this outpouring of good wishes and kindnesses has now foisted on me another reason to do the things I intend, the things I've dreamed of doing. Now I feel I will be letting down these great people who truly wish me success and good fortune as I leave them. Sure it's a little pressure. But it's a good pressure. And you know, nothing is impossible: as long as we're alive. So I think I'm going to be okay. Not just okay, but fantastic.

And I hope all these great people who were so kind to me and laughed at my jokes for 3 years know: I wish them all the same good things they wish for me.

Thank you.

A CAKE!!!! Don't you love it?!!

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Anonymous said...

and a well deserved cake it was! I am glad we made you feel as special as we all think you are!

Best of Luck