Sunday, November 05, 2006

Let's take a moment to procrastinate, shall we?

I have SO much to do, my fingers are in about a million pies at the moment. Metaphorically any way. The last thing I need to do now is start baking!

But I'm taking a break so that those of you who do read this blog will not be bored that there hasn't been a new posting in 3 days! And of course, it gives me a chance to blather on and leave my other projects to gel for a bit.

Yes, I did quit my office job. Thursday. Handed in the ol' resignation. I felt like I'd lost 5 lbs just by handing around that piece of paper. Honestly. I don't think I feel the full effect of it yet. I am not yelling "Yippee!" in the streets... but I will on my last day! I do feel relieved to have finally done it. It was the right decision. I was second guessing myself so much that I couldn't take it any more. I like to think, I like pondering, but sometimes you really just have to take a leap of faith and DO IT. Whatever "IT" may be for you. Whether it's signing some sort of contract or painting your kitchen or quitting a job. You can think it to death but nothing changes if you don't take a chance.

Sometimes you just have to trust that everything will be okay. That you are making the right decision. And just do it.

I want to stop right here for a moment and make myself exceedingly clear: by just "Do It" I am talking about positive changes. I'm talking about good things, or scary-to-do things, or things you don't particularly want to do because it might change your comfort level. I am NOT talking about suicide. Let's be VERY VERY CLEAR here. That is the ONE choice that is NOT acceptable. Not at all. Because if you chooose that, well then everything will NOT be okay. Not for you, not for anyone you've left behind. It's NOT AN OPTION. Don't make me come there and smack you upside the head!

Okay, now that we're clear, let's get back to the things you CAN do that are GOOD and good for you!

I've been 'apartment therapy-ing' my place for what seems like a decade. Actually more like a year and a half. I redid the bedroom first and loved it. But then it became all about "what colors do I paint the kitchen and livingroom" and I got flummoxed. So many choices! So many beautiful colors to choose from -- and I want them ALL! But of course if you use them all you end up living in what looks like a circus tent. Not that I have anything against circus tents... I just don't imagine they are very comfy to live in.

I finally found a paint color I ADORE - just KNEW it was the one for me. So I bought a gallon yesterday and I've been painting since last night. It's called "sundried tomato" and it is yummy! I'm not done yet but what is done looks pretty great. It's rich and warm and enveloping.

Of course it's also quite dark... but I've solved that with strip lights and plan to put more lights in under the cabinets. Do you care? See I'm blathering! I knew that would happen.

It's just that I'm so excited that I finally chose a color and slapped it on the walls. When you wait and wait and wait to do something and then finally do it... well, it's a relief. And exciting!

Oh my... I think I'm about to start running in the street yelling "yippee!"

Now go do something you've been putting off. Just do it! I'll be listening for a yippee!

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Curious George said...

Here is a YIPPEE! I have also come to this realization in my life. When the time is right you may not always know it but if you ponder it and debate, chances are the time is right. And you know it when the decision is made. Good for you!