Monday, December 11, 2006

Despite my best efforts...

Well it seems, despite workin' it, I am NOT Martha Stewart.

Oh I'd like to think I can do everything at once. I'm writing, painting and cleaning my apartment, selling stuff on eBay, shopping for gifts AND attempting new recipes (baking AND cooking), making holiday plans (wheee out of town friends are visiting!!)... if I were whipping up some needlepoint and tending my window herb garden too then I'd surely be in the Martha running. Alas, I'm not Martha. I don't even have a window herb garden... northern exposure... I'm lucky my 'lucky bamboo' hasn't died yet! But I'm sure I can manage to kill it eventually. I have confidence in my black thumb, dammit!!

But seriously I thought I was doing pretty well.

Until an hour ago.

Until the onions.

I'm making a soup/stew and I'm being all Galloping Gourmet Girl. I'm layering my flavors, I'm sauteing my onions and garlic in broth before starting the soup.... okay, sounds good, right?

Not so much.

I sort of lost track of how long it was between the time I stirred the onions and plopped in front of the computer (to find the apple crumble recipe that's next on the Joy of Cooking show that is me of late)... and then I smelled it.

Oh yeah. Sauteed onions smell delightful, the aroma wafts through the hallways, people get hungry just from the scent... and then... oh then that horrible smell... the burning. The scent of burnt microwave popcorn.

, thinks the not so Top Chef to herself... what's that????"


Luckily I got it off the stove and into the sink before all the onions were charred and the pot was ruined. I did ruin a pot by simply boiling water once. HEY, they say a watched pot never boils... so I didn't watch. For three hours. There was no saving that pot. *sigh*

This time the smell of YOU'RE RUINING THE ONIONS saved the pot... and possibly my soup. I got the unburned out, scoured the pot, put the onions and other veggies into the pot with TONS of broth and it's simmering beautifully right now. Smells awesomely good actually. And I'm topping it with dumplings. Because we really can never have too many dumplings, can we?

The thing is, I want to be able to do it all. And do it all perfectly. And be Martha (albeit no jail time)... but I can't. No one can. Not even Martha. The best we can do is ... well... our best. So you burn some onions. So you have guests coming and the painting is not done. It's not the end of the world. It's really not. Sometimes you can fix things, soup, depression, a perfectionistic attitude.. and sometimes you just have to deal with not being able to fix it, burned pot, the mess of a half painted one-bedroom apartment with people coming for dinner. Either way, it's just life. It's just ... well, shit happens. And we go on. We do our best. And sometimes our best turns out to be better than we'd ever dreamed. I'm hopeful for my soup. I think it will all turn out just fine.

Now YOU go burn some onions!!

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