Saturday, December 23, 2006

I'm alive I'm alive I'm alive....

The Niagaras (left to right: Tony Grimaldi, Robert Whaley, Johnny Pisano))

(Dylan Wissing on drums - sorry I couldn't get everyone in one shot!) at the Red Lion... what better way to spend the holidays?

My best girlfriend enjoying her very first Niagaras show! (Red shirt)

How great it is to be alive - I am thrilled more and more every day... and I couldn't be more thrilled that this poor woman who has listened to me praise this fantastic band every time we talk on the phone finally got to experience them live for herself. And it took rearranging flights from California to Vermont to do it, and was the travel hassle worth it? YES!! She was wildly impressed, and LOVED it.

Of course she did. They're wonderful, what's not to love?

She's also one of the precious friends who listened to me through my Depressions, through my suicidal thoughts, who talked me down a couple of times in years past... just by being there, listening, talking to me until I was too tired to open a vein and simply fell asleep instead... buying another day, another week, through endless phone calls. She's also the one I called two years ago the night my miracle happened, because for once I needed to share something happy and good rather than miserable and sad, so I called her. I called her because truth to tell, I was confused. I was shaken and stirred and a little scared. I was a suicidal woman who had just had the razor plucked out of my hand by a stranger.... 'happy and hopeful' felt disorienting and strange to me -- I needed the ear of a friend to try to work out verbally what I'd just experienced... And she's said she could tell something big had happened to me that night, I sounded different. I was different, not healed, but on the way - finally. Thankfully. Ever, ever thankful for that night.

So this was my Christmas. A touch early, but what's the dif? I got to be with dear friends, I got to listen to great music, I got to laugh, and laugh, and laugh a little more - because I AM alive. And thankful, and happy to be here.

You have your life and that is a helluva gift to have. Hold it close. Share it whenever you can. And treat it with kindness and care, it's a beautiful gift, the best gift - and it's all yours.

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Very groovy blog.

Merry Christmas!