Friday, December 01, 2006

Winter's coming?

Or is it?

It may be December, but if you step outside you'd think it was Spring here in New York. I know the reason is global warming. I know it's the result of pollution and our disregard and disrespect for the planet we are lucky enough to live on. I know it's not a good thing. But selfish as it is, I have to say: I LOVE THIS WEATHER!

It is a pleasure to walk out the door without a coat. To go out and not be freezing my substantial ass off. It is fantastic! It may be the death knell of our planet's eco-system... but right now, today, it's gorgeous!

I feel the cold so much more in the past few years that any time the weather is even close to warmish, I'm delighted. My poor old bones can't take the cold any more... Hey kiddies, get me my walker and rheumatism medicine!

I used to prefer the cold weather to the heat, I just couldn't deal with hot weather - especially the humid summers of New York. But now I can't tolerate the chill, even the slightest drop in temperature gives me the shivers.

The heat in my apartment, as many New York City dwellers will agree, gets blasted to the high 100s. It's crazy hot, to the point that people can only find relief by turning on their air-conditioners! This used to torment me - windows open, fans running, just to make the room temperature tolerable. But now I am grateful for the excess heat. I have extra blankets and just got my first down comforter (something that I joked I'd never need in my hot-box apartment).

But today is beautiful. It's simply perfect. Okay, it's a little rainy, but it's warm and I'm psyched. It's a beautiful day. Every day is a beautiful day: because we get to live it. But today, this gift of a Spring day on the first of December, it's an even more beautiful day.

Happy December!

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