Sunday, January 21, 2007


It is absolutely freezing outside today. Actually it is below freezing. Happily I picked up a new hat and gloves the other day - talk about good timing! This is especially important right now as little Miss X really enjoys the walking!

If you've read here before you may recall that my dog is not so much for the walking. He's more for the standing around waiting for adoration from strangers he can ignore (after they ooo and ahhh at him sufficiently, of course). Because of my dog's quickie bathroom breaks I don't usually have to worry about how cold it is, did I remember my gloves? Because we're in and out so fast. But the puglet? Oh she's the total opposite. She is a sniffer and a marker! My boy just 'goes'.... the outdoors are simply the restroom for him, no need to spend too much time there. Miss X likes to check her e-mail - when it's not spam she likes to respond.

For you non-dog people, sniffing other dog's ... let's be delicate... um... PEE ... is in fact like doggie email. They pick up all sorts of info from the smells all around us that we would never be able to smell. Dog noses are pretty amazing... still, I'm okay with not sniffing pee.

So my Basil is like someone who has a yahoo account they check once a month or so and Miss X is more like me - compulsive email checker. This is actually a fun switch for me as I actually get to WALK a dog instead of just standing around with a dog. (I love my boy, but sometimes I'd like to actually go AROUND the block!) Miss X likes the variety, the change of scene, my guess is the girl has 17 or so email addresses to keep her admirers separate. Smart pup. So we walk. A lot. And in this cold I need the gloves.

The great thing about this cold hitting so hard while I have Miss X here is that I am ABLE to walk her! I mean a couple of weeks ago I could barely get out of bed to stand outside with Basil. And I see an absolute correlation between my pain and the weather. As soon as the temperature began to drop I began to feel better. And now with this arctic chill I feel really good - good enough that I actually ran a little this morning. (Actually I walked for an hour and ran for 11 minutes of that hour, but I'm trying not to ruin my knee with over enthusiasm.) I can hardly express how good it feels not to HURT.

Well that sounded stupid, huh?

But seriously, feeling a little ache in the knee when running is NOTHING compared to aching EVERYWHERE so badly that going from bed to the bathroom is excruciating. So I'm pretty damned delighted right now. Maybe the aches and the warmer temperatures are just coincidental... maybe not... but right now I kind of hope it stays chilly for a while longer (maybe not below freezing, but cool is okay). Plus, I love my new gloves.

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