Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Catch Up!

I've left this blog unattended for too long. Now there is too much to catch it up, so I'll try to annotate.

Last Friday was my birthday. *Happy Birthday Joy!* I had a terrific day and several cakes/candles all as different as you'd like. From the first one (Baked Apple Pie at McDonalds!), to a beautiful chocolate tart-cake-bombe-type of thing at Rosa Mexicano (I LOVE that place), to a 7 layer slice at a diner (they put something in the water there I swear to God, 2 glasses and you're high as a kite... no lie!)

Amidst all this cake and candle and singing stuff (which is embarrassing but I LOVE it) was a beautiful bouquet of yellow roses and irises. Sadly the poor things were dead by Monday, so delicate! But I did take photos when they were still happy and lively. They were also quite fragrant which is nice - not many flowers are any more. There was also an adorable bunch of red berry boughs which I stoopidly did not get a photo off before the leaves went dry. STOOPID!!!!

These are the Birthday Flowers

Same bouquet - different angle

Dinner at Rosa Mexicano was almost TOO good. What a great place. (We went to the original location on First Avenue). You almost feel like you're in Mexico... for a little while. This is one of the dishes - the only one that came out well in the pictures... I guess the margaritas are a little stronger than I realized. I just don't drink, so on the rare occasion that I do... well... let's just say I'm a cheap date.

Budín Azteca (Rosa Mexicano)

The weather has cooled to nearly normal January temperatures (finally) and I am finding that despite my love of the Mexican heat, I am feeling a lot less pain (nearly none!) when the weather is cold! Uh-oh. This had better be some passing weirdness because I really don't want a little pain to interfere with my eventual move to Mexico! For those of you who just gasped: rest assured, I signed a two-year lease and I don't foresee moving from New York any time soon...

This is really brief, but I'm in the middle of painting a dresser and getting ready to head out to the theater. Why did I think it was a good idea to start painting so late in the day? Um... yeah, exactly: typical!!

To all of you who made my birthday so lovely, with e-mails and e-cards, flowers, meals, pies and cakes... all I can say is THANK YOU. It was a really lovely birthday. And that's a BIG DAMNED DEAL to me, who has not usually had good birthdays. So again, thank you. Thank you.

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