Monday, January 08, 2007

He Went Out Through the Livingroom Window...

I have The Beatles' song "She Came in Through the Bathroom Window" in my head now because that's the first thing that came to mind when my neighbor stopped by earlier tonight.

He knocked on my door and somehow I just knew he'd locked himself out of his apartment, which is across the hall from mine.

Hi! I said, Locked out?

Yes. He seemed surprised at my gift for prophecy.

Is your window unlocked?

I never lock it. He said.

Great, come on in!

You see, our apartments share a fire-escape. There have been several tenants in the apartment next door and at least once each and every one of them has been locked out and crawled through my livingroom window to get to their window and let themselves in. Some more than once. Dan, a really gifted actor and singer, was perpetually climbing through the window. A great guy who was not so great with his keys. He'd knock on the door and just give me the puppy-dog eyes. It was a riot. I have missed the ritual since he moved out. But tonight we got to recreate it.

There's something lovely about the window climb. It's neighborly. It's funny, in a sit-com sort of way. It makes me feel useful. Usually it works out because they almost always leave their window unlocked. Me I'm a locker. I'd be shit outta luck if I lost my key (which is why several people around town have copies! whew!) because first of all I wouldn't climb out there unless there actually was a fire, (Acrophobia) and because the window is always locked if I'm out of the apartment, (OCD).

Well, tonight we had a bust. His window was locked. Poor guy actually locked up, for the first and only time. He was none to pleased. I felt unhelpful. But he still commented on my newly painted livingroom (good boy!) and admired the myriad colors (what awesome good taste he has!).

Luckily he remembered someone had the key and would eventually get in. Unfortunately he's also moving out this week, so we may never have another chance for a successful window run. But I'm glad we had this one.

I was prompted to write this vignette of my evening by reading a posting on another blog, synchronicity and all that, so you might like to hop over and take a look at that. It's sweet. And a reminder that we're all on this planet together, so we damned well better take care of each other. If not us, then who?

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