Monday, January 29, 2007


In an earlier post I mentioned The Roundtable Ensemble's rep season. Yesterday I saw the third of the three shows they have up until February 10th, THE MAMMY PROJECT. I highly recommend you see this. Whoever you are, whatever your gender, race, or whether or not you like theater! This is an important piece, it only runs an hour, it is informative, educational and before those two words scare you too much - it is ALSO highly entertaining and incredibly moving.

So that's my input on that. You should know that I am always right about things like this and you should heed me. Of course people that do not are often full of sorrow when they realize that yes, Joy, you goddess of the knowing things, you were right. We should have gone to see The Mammy Project and been entertained and enriched... oh woe are we who did not listen... we who would not hear your words of wisdom and advice. You will beg for another theater recommendation... and I, being all good and wise will decide you are unworthy of my wisdom and good taste... but then I'll realize I'm full of shit and I'll tell you. Because you're basically a good person who wants to go to the theater and I am humble.

But why don't we avoid all that, just GO see THE MAMMY PROJECT while it's still running and then we can move on from there. And if your schedule doesn't permit going to this show: go to either of the other two shows they are running. Because supporting theater is good for your soul. You'll thank me. You know you will.

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