Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Yesterday was the big date with the scary MRI tube. Let me take a moment now to recommend that if you don't need one, do not go out of your way to have an MRI. It ain't big fun. Nope.

I don't have claustrophobia. It's one of those phobias I am not cursed with, go ME! But I'll tell you, if I were to develop it I know the reason why. That MRI tube is one tight squeeze. They tell you to close your eyes when they pop you into the tube - I opened my eyes once I was in and realized why. The top of that tube is only inches from your face. That's when I realized exactly why this was a scary test.

It doesn't hurt - quite the contrary, there's something about the vibrations that is actually sort of soothing - but I recommend keeping your eyes closed as much as possible. Seeing nothing but a cement-like white wall 4 inches in front of your face for an hour is a bit disconcerting.

I actually had taken two Xanax before I went tubesville. I wished I'd taken four once I was inside.

I found it very difficult to keep my breathing calm. I know damned well if I hadn't been medicated (even that little bit) I would have hyperventilated myself into a faint. It was odd, because really I wasn't afraid... but it was some kind of irrational response I couldn't seem to get ahold of. And truthfully 2 Xanax would normally knock me out cold. I guess I was a little more anxiety ridden than I wanted to admit. Grrr. I hate that!!

But you know, it's done now. Hopefully I won't need to go through that again any time in my life. And with any luck it will show that all I have is a pinched nerve.

I have my fingers crossed.

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Dolores said...

Joy hope all is well and the tests are negative! Best Wishes, thinking of you. Drop me a line once in a while.