Wednesday, January 10, 2007

No walking... but some cooking....

Yesterday was a pretty good day. I did a load of laundry (yesssssssss!) and a little shopping (cotton balls are on sale?! Yay!!!) while it was spinning. And I felt okay. I was really excited about this. I stayed awake ALL day long, and actually accomplished something!

I was so excited about yesterday that I had planned to take a good long walk and go to the library today. It was my fabulously wild plan for the day. (Please control your envy.) However, this was not going to happen.

I actually slept until 10:30 a.m.!!!!!

You don't understand -- I don't sleep that late. Ever. I was very disgusted with myself. And the poor dog was dancing around with my sneaker in his mouth needing to go out (this is why I NEVER sleep this late... though I admit he's a better dancer than me so it was kind of worth watching).

I realized pretty quickly that I had probably overdone the day before and was now paying for it. I'm dragging today (but not in cry-worthy pain, so I'll take it!) But I did manage to DO something....

I'm pretty impressed with myself. This is my very first attempt at Pesto sauce. AND my first attempt at Seitan! Now this may not seem like big doings to anyone but me, but I didn't have a recipe. I winged it! And it came out really well. (You have to take my word on that... yummmmmy!) So this is angel hair pasta with pesto, string beans, carrots, sundried tomatoes and Seitan (lightly fried in Olive Oil with ground Flaxseed). Sounds awfully healthy, huh? I cannot take credit for the bread - though I did heat it up. Go me!

The Flaxseed is also something new and exciting. I've begun using it to get the Omega-3s. I'm looking for the healthy here. I'm seeing the pain management doc tomorrow, but I'm not relying on the health care system to fix me. I do have some really wonderful doctors, but I think healing physically (as well as mentally) has to be a collaboration. The doctors can't just 'fix' you. And many times we cannot just 'fix' ourselves. But together... well, we can do almost anything, can't we?

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