Monday, January 29, 2007

Off to the Rodeo... with the Niagaras

At the risk of sounding fawning... oh hell, who cares, I am fawning so let's roll with it.

On Friday, February 2nd you have an exciting opportunity: you can see The Niagaras, New York's* most impressively fun band performing live -- for FREE!!

Do you have a clue what a gift that is? People should be paying $60 and up for this rollickin', fun-filled 2+ hours of non-stop good fun, great music, and all around good times. Yet YOU can see them for free!! See how good life is? Oh it is so very fine.

Now those of you outside the New York City area have plenty of time to make your plane reservations... get yer butts in here and shake 'em at the Rodeo with the Niagaras on Friday night.

You trust me, right?


You will love them.
You will love me for sending you.
Ain't love grand?

*Of course by "New York" I mean the world. Be with that. I likes what I likes.

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