Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Pug in da house!

Today begins the visitation! My little apartment will be a doggy-B&B for the next few days while this charmer's mom is away. I've been a touch apprehensive because Basil (my dog) is not used to having another dog in his space. (I may pay the rent but... well... you know...)

We've hosted small dogs in the past, for a day at a time - never overnight - and all has gone well, but I worry. Sometimes the energy level of a younger, smaller dog can get on the nerves of a more senior, laid back dog. But so far, aside from a little showing of the pearly whites (little dogs have to learn not to touch bigger dogs' rawhide! oops!) all has gone smoothly. So far........

Meet Miss X*

She looks tough, huh? Some would say feisty.
Actually she is pretty feisty -- but tough? Nahhh. She's a pussy-cat.

Not literally. But she may as well be as she seems to think the only place to sit, lay, or sleep is squarely in my lap. Nick is not thrilled to share the lap space. But he's being a gentleman about it... inasmuch as a cat can be a gentleman. Frankly I think he's a little stunned that this 'creature' is a dog. He's not used to the little ones. (Please note my bravery at showing this photo as it includes my intensely dorky Grammy slippers... if my pedicure was in order you would not have seen these gems).

I got this tight shot just as she was getting sleepy.

And of course a wild and stressful day always results in a coma. She seems to like the purple serape I picked up on my last visit to the Golden Land (a/k/a Mexico). I like it too.

I'm quite happy to have Miss X visiting with us. I think it will be an adventure. And I do love an adventure. Especially the kinds that don't involve me going to the doctor. Which happens tomorrow. Ugh. Nerve tests. I insist you hold back your envy. I mean it!

*not her real name

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