Wednesday, January 24, 2007

side dish of crow...

okay not long after my last aggrieved posting here I am to eat a little crow. Not entirely, just a smidgen... just a little taste.

The doctor's office just called with my precertification number.

Now do I believe that would have happened if I hadn't called earlier today? Not really. But they did call so I'm going to chill a little.

Now I get to call the hospital and make an appointment for my MRI.


No, I'm sorry, you cannot come with. Maybe next time.

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Brolic said...

interesting blog Joy. as your "trainer", i seem to have failed in letting you vent your frustrations on your physical body for clearly your mind has had much more punishment than i could ever dish out to you physically....but i will try!
may the forces of nature and all that is sacred in the art of tantra guide you and keep you in everlasting wisdom....what that means i dont know but it sounds mystical!
alas in conclusion, you are the chronicler of my tales so how about alittle mention of present people and situations that they get into. the greates "trainer" of all time.
Brolic aka the other guy