Sunday, January 07, 2007

soy cansada... je suis fatigué... I am pooped...

I have been sleeping, sleeping and just to shake things up, napping since Thursday night. I managed to drag myself to the theater to see a play (I will not give the name because we left at the intermission) with a friend who insisted on putting me in a cab home after we left the theater. I'm such a stubborn dope I was fighting with her, duh. Stoopid me. I actually fell asleep in the cab!! Yeah. It's embarrassing. At least if I were drunk... ah well. Thank you for the cab Kathleen, good call.

Basil, my dog, and Nick, his cat, are loving the sleeping mommy. They're thrilled. I take Basil out and we come back in and I'm hitting the hay as soon as I hang up the leash and I can just see him thinking "YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! LOTTO!!!"

As long as the pets are happy, who cares if I'm walking funny?

But I did go to the gym to meet Rafael on Saturday because I felt like I had to try. He mocked my "Bride of Frankenstein" walk. Oh well, at least I laughed. After all that sleep, you'd think I'd be okay. Not so much. I CRIED when he stretched me. It HURT. REALLY HURT. It was so fucked up. I came home and laid around, took ibuprofen and xanax and put ben-gay pads all over myself, and slept the rest of the day -- but this morning I felt a little better!!! Woo-HOO!!

So I decided to haul it out and do a little load of laundry. Silly me. It's Sunday. Did I REALLY think I'd just waltz into the laundry and get a machine on a SUNDAY? Oh I really am unwell!!!

But it was a blessing in disguise. I came home, with my dirty laundry, and thought I'd try the laundromat again later in the afternoon. By the time I washed a few dishes (all this 'excess energy' whee!) I was exhausted again. If I'd gotten a machine I'd have to finish the process and frankly I don't believe I'd make it through waiting for the dryer to finish. Right now I'm ready to lay down and sleep for the rest of the day. Hopefully it will only be a little nap. I feel like I'm losing days of my life and it is PISSING me OFF. (I'm a touch on the irritable side right now. Go figure!)

I have things to do. I have things I WANT to do. I do NOT enjoy the sleeping. And it seems to be the only thing I'm able to do. At least I had the 'oompf' to post something today. I guess that's an improvement. *yawn*

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