Wednesday, February 21, 2007

it happened again!

This is not weighty, not important in the grand scheme of life but I have to get it out there.

I was doing my laundry yesterday - and I'm two for two on someone wanting to look at my laundry!

Has this happened to anyone else? Are Wonder Woman underoos** for adults so very rare that people can't look away? Is there some sort of voyeurism pheromone in the detergent I'm using?

I'm used to somewhat odd incidents in my little life... but this "I want to stare at your laundry" business is getting me a little freaked. If it were the same little old lady from last week I could chalk it up to her unique fetish... but this was a middle-aged guy so that broadens my demographic.

Honestly, the dryers are full of clothes -- if that's your thing -- and the owners are not there to be weirded out! I say go look at the pretty spinning colors and let me take my boring sweatpants and leopard panties out of the dryer in peace.

**I'm kidding about the underoos. Although if they actually existed I might be tempted to buy them.

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d. chedwick bryant said...

I love the laundromat-- you need a little mesh bag for your little underthings. When I remember to use it, it works so well. and prying eyes see nothing.
There are always character at the laundromat--maybe it is just because it is a place you must go to, and stay put for a period of time.
thanks for the fact on Charlie Chaplin.