Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Rosa Mexicano!

Oh my, oh my I do so love this restaurant! I have hit all three Rosa Mexicano locations in New York City - but my favorite remains the original on First & 58. It's the warmest and homiest and though the other two, newer, locations are just as fabulous and the food is just as amazing - give me the homey, comfortable atmosphere at the original spot any time.

The first time I went was a couple of years ago on a date, to the Lincoln Center location. It was stunning, and delish but the guy I was with was pushing their specialty drink: the Pomegranate Margarita. I had just begun taking Zoloft - a month in or so - and I was waaaay to afraid to risk a drink. Here was this amazing wonder drug that I opted to try as an alternative to suicide - thanks to my big epiphany at, in my opinion, the best musical ever created
Wrong Way Up - and my doctor, and the drug's label, warned heavily against drinking alcohol while taking it. Because Zoloft is a serotonin reuptake inhibitor and alcohol messes with the serotonin there was no way in hell I was going to mess with the serotonin! This shit was keeping me ALIVE. Do I love Tequila? Well, hell yes people. Was it worth risking the benefits of the medication I was taking, hell NO! Sadly this fellow enjoyed his alcohol, which, you know is fine... but not when it makes you uncomfortable if your date isn't drinking. If you're drinking and someone you're with isn't and it BOTHERS YOU, you might want to think about your drinking habits.

Any way... although the Pom margaritas sounded great, I passed. And I also passed on that guy - who, while interesting and funny and involved in a profession (comics) I found incredibly cool ('cause I'm a big geek) made me feel really uncomfortable about my not drinking. I mean, I don't care what someone's reason for not drinking is, it's their reason. Why the hell are people so hell-bent on changing people they date? What the F is that? I mean, seriously, if you like someone, you want to see them, great. But if there's so much about them you want to change... why do you want to see them? Or do you just want to be with someone... anyone? That's just sad. I'd rather not, thanks. I like you as you are, or I don't. I'm not in the business of changing anyone - I have enough work to do on myself!!

Wow... off on a tangent much?

So the other night my friend, owner of the fabulous Miss X, took me to Rosa Mexi as a thank you for having Miss X stay with me while she was away. Frankly, I feel like I should have taken her to dinner for letting me spend time with the little puglet. But nonetheless it was off to dinner we went.

It was, as ever, GREAT! And it was her first visit - so I was glad she liked it!

The Margarita Macho

Six months ago my doctor told me it was perfectly fine for me to have an occasional drink. And that is what I do - occasionally. Like for a special occasion (hence occasionally). Since this was a special dinner, and also a little celebration of some very good news I received this past week, I had a margarita. The Macho. Arggggh - make mine tough!

It's made with a chili infused tequila - any drink that puts a jalapeno on the side of the glass instead of a measley lemon wedge is okay by me. The spice of the peppers hits long after you drink it, and leaves a delightful tingling on your lips. Nice.

Pescado al Guajillo
Pan-seared filet of Chilean sea bass with a jalapeno potato cake, swiss chard and Guajillo chile-pineapple-passion fruit sauce.

Rollo de Pechuga de Pollo
Chicken breast filled with huitlacoche. Sauteed and
served sliced with a chile poblano sauce.

Sadly as I've mentioned before, one drink and I'm done for - so I forgot to take photos of the desserts until it was far too late. Still... you get the idea.

Empanadas de Manzana
Warm apple empanadas served with vanilla-mole swirl ice cream
and spiced Mexican chocolate sauce.

Paraíso de Chocolate
Warm chocolate soufflé cake and vanilla ice cream
with sweet tomatillo dipping sauce.

Luckily I took the empanada home and had it the next day. It was just as good.

So there you go. It's not so much a restaurant review as a "Omigod you HAVE to go eat here!". And although there isn't a photo of the guacamole, I cannot stress strongly enough how you must order it. You won't find better guacamole ... unless you go to Mexico.

Have I mentioned I want to go back to Mexico? Really? Haven't mentioned it in the last 5 minutes? Okay, I'm saying it now!

Special note to Miss X's mom -- Muchas Gracias, Amiga!!

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