Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Space Bags!!!

So if you've been here before you know I'm not only in the process of recovering from some serious issues, but I'm ALSO doing a crazy-assed Apartment Therapy. I'm a big slob... I can't help it! I'm very clean... just not particularly organized... or tidy. I get distracted!! BUT I'm working on it. Part of my general dichotomy is that although I'm very bad about picking up after myself, my drawers and closets are a big point of neatness and well organized. Strange, yes? I'm big on being tidy on the inside... the outside... not so much. But I'm working on it.

My closets have actually been in pretty great shape for a long time, but not excellent shape. I have an enormous collection of vintage dresses that are simply living in my closet and the stuff I wear regularly gets hung on a door. yeah. I said I'm working on it!

So today I got these crazy things I've seen advertised for ages. I didn't believe they would work, but since I ditched a dresser I need more closet space and the only way I could see to get it was either ditch the clothes (no.) or try these Space Bags. I also thought they would be really good for protecting clothes from any moths that might come along. I lost a gorgeous cashmere sweater to moths. Who knew moths lived in Manhattan? Not me.

Here you see a pile of 12 vintage dresses going into the Space Bag.

Here they are after I sucked the air out of the bag. WITH a vacuum. C'mon. Stop that now!

This is the closet before. It's less than ideal because of the aforementioned dresser ditching.

This is the same closet. With ALL the same clothes in it. But they are now tucked into their safe little hanging Space Bags.


There are two rods in this closet. Now only the back one is stocked and I have the entire front one empty!!! I love these things!!!


Anonymous said...

That is awesome!

d. chedwick bryant said...

Space bags --I think I am going to reorganize some closets with those--


I lost my Mitsouko post and was wondering if you would write a review of Mitsouko (with a photo if possible) for my blog. Let me know and I will return w/ my e mail address. Thanks--ched

d. chedwick bryant said...

Joy, I was just looking at those Vintage dresses again--and they look like they would fit me... I am a bit jealous. I used to hit the NYC vintage shops, but back then I had a fondness for bowling shirts. ugh. Now I'm more girly.