Saturday, February 17, 2007

speck from your friend's eye...

I spend a lot of time thinking how best to approach this blog and how to make my daily goofiness somehow relevant and meaningful to the theme that I set for it. I get ideas on the bus, walking down the street, in my sleep, and try to find a way to make it work here.

So I'm all little miss guiding light over here. Trying to help anyone who is in the shoes I used to wear with my perspective on it all.

And then I fall apart.

Sometimes I just let myself get caught up in my emotions or hyper and hysterical (though you'd never know it because I mostly keep it inside) and I forget all the so-called advice I try to impart here.

Last night I had one of those bouts of hysteria. So silly really. I'm not sure why, I guess I let my thoughts run to the worst-case scenario and then I let them do a marathon instead of an easy little jog. And I get to a point where I need to calm down and can't until I DO something tangible about the thing that's making my thoughts run in circles. When what I should do is take my own damned advice: chill and calm down.

Here I am trying, not always succeeding, in making this blog about accepting things and being happy to be alive and not stressing stuff... yet I keep stressing myself! I've actually said it here: you can't help anyone else until you help yourself first. Uh-huh.

I had an anonymous comment here from someone this morning - and it couldn't have come at a better time. It mentioned how life is 10% what happens and 90% how we react to it. So, THANK YOU anonymous commenter, because this couldn't have come at a better time.... I needed, very much, to be reminded of this after having gotten myself a little hysterical over something that I have absolutely no control over at all. All I can do is calm down, hope for the best and deal. It's not that hard when someone points it out to you. It's funny how I'm trying to help others and someone popped in out of the blue and helped me. I guess this blogging thing really can be useful. Thanks again for your comment Anonymous. I feel much better now.

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