Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Teacher

The inevitable has happened. I knew it would eventually. I had faith.

My best friend started his own blog. I'm giving it due mention here because he's great, and he is excited about sharing his passion... and he forced me to (kidding!).

I think 'finding your bliss' ties in nicely with the theme of my stories here. Finding your own happiness. His blog is about finding his passion and following it - and how amazing life is when you discover what you are meant to be doing with yours. How things begin to fall into place almost effortlessly when you are where you should be.

He found his bliss and ran with it. Me, still looking I guess - but definitely getting there... wherever there may be. So go check it out, he'll be excited to have people read. But keep in mind: he's my best friend and you can't have him!!

But I'm willing to share.


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

If you haven't found bliss yet it's just as important that you are looking for it.

And thanks for sharing.

Gary said...

I love you honey!!