Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Who Gets Stressed at the Vet?

You're probably thinking it would be this fella here.

He gets so panicked it's like holding a 400 lbs swordfish on a line.... okay, I have never gone fishing so I have no idea what that really means, but I know that Basil appears to be doing an imitation of a big-game fish on a leash if we are in the Veterinarian's waiting room for more than 8 minutes.

Like me, he does not enjoy waiting around.

But we got through it and he seems totally over it now.
I'm waiting for his lab tests to come back next week, but it's all just routine - he's dandy. Okay he has a little lump, but it must be nothing more than a simple lipoma.... because I said so.

This ordeal began at 8:00 AM Tuesday morning. It was followed by Nick's appointment for HIS physical at 9:30 AM.

It seemed like a good idea to get it all over with in one day. Morning's are usually best to avoid any patient back-up. But oh brother... I'm drained!

Nick freaked a bit as he has not been to the vet in ... I'm ashamed to say it... 6 years. He's an indoor cat who has never (knock wood) had any sort of health issues. So it seemed pointless to subject him to going. But he's 10 now and a senior, so I wanted to get him a clean bill of health.

Poor thing. He was not thrilled.

But he has great teeth. Probably due to the fact that he chews on Basil's rawhide bones. Yes. Even the Vet said she'd never heard of a cat doing that. Well. Of course. Welcome to my world.

He seems completely over it now, too.

When I got him back home I thought it would be fun (for him) to get out of the carrier and walk down the hall himself. He's ventured out into the hallway on occasion and ... I don't know what I was thinking. Mainly, "let him out of this box" I guess.

So I did. And then it was fun for me.

For some reason he seemed to think he lived at the other end of the hall - maybe he was just trying to run away. After all, I'm the one who took him to the 'evil' Vet, maybe living with the neighbors would be a better deal.

I ran down the hall (in the right direction) and opened the door. The dog stood at the door watching as the cat kept trying to get into another apartment at the opposite end of the hall... even after I had opened our door and he saw the dog. Okay, clearly I'm easily amused.

But in my defense, I was pretty much wrecked from the morning's medical activities.

As usual I hold it together 'during' - I'm all "ha-ha" joking at the Vet. Once it was all over...


I'm the one who gets stressed at the Vet. Totally.

But the day's fun did not end there, why should it?!

I went to the gym and did a little running. I know. I'm not supposed to. It is my way. And it felt great, got the excess adrenaline out and all. But not an hour after I got home the lights went out.

Oh Con Edison was having a party fiddling with cables in front of my building.


I'm all showered and relaxed and I'm going to watch a little of Showtime's The Tudors. I can't resist that wacky Henry VIII. I'm pretty sure it's because of Greensleeves. Get out your lighters people! Henry VIII: live, in concert.

Oh work with me, people.

'K. So in goes this promotional DVD of the Tudors. And I'm in a sort of Masterpiece Theater catatonia of delights when *Ping-zap* out go all the lights. And with them the young Henry VIII. King-us interuptus - if you will.

C'mon, I said to work with me here.

The rest of the afternoon was spent trying to read by sunlight (which is not all that bright in my place) and trying to decide if I should call Con Edison and bitch or just wait it out. As the lights kept popping on and off ... on and off ... in alternating parts of the apartment (it was like being in a giant-sized string of slow moving twinkle lights) I figured they were working on it and I'd wait to complain. Finally I switched off all the lights to avoid the slow-strobe-effect. The refrigerator's hummmmmmmm as it went on and off was less jarring than the lights, but kept me informed of the state of my electrical service.

As it is nearly 3 in the morning now, and clearly the electricity has been restored - though who knows what tomorrow will bring - I'm going back to Henry and his harem. Or maybe to sleep... it's anyone's call.

And tomorrow has got to be a calmer day. Neither I, nor the beasties, have to see any members of the medical professions for at least another 24 hours. Par-TAY!


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

LOL @ the cat!

I'm glad Nick is healthy and I hope Basil's tests come back ok.

Jay said...

Sorry, I couldn't leave a message up top, but I thought that video was awfully cute.