Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Free Comics... a minor PSA

Free Comic Book Day is May 5th. Easy to remember because it is Cinco de Mayo. Awww wouldja look at that: comics + Mexico = happy me.

I know comic books are not everyone's thing. "kid stuff" "geek stuff" etc. ... but I still love 'em. I don't read them quite as much as I used to - mainly because this 'kid stuff' ain't cheap! But there's a helluva lot of 'comics' out there that just ain't for the kiddies. Those are the ones I like. Go me. I consider it a semblance of maturity. Don't argue with me.

I mention Free Comic Book Day because 1) it's FREE; 2) if you do have little ones, and they are not 'feeling the love' when it comes to reading - comic books are the doorway to booklove. They really are! My friend Gary, a first grade teacher, has found comics to be a great teaching tool. My own kookie Mom used comic books to reach the unreachable readers she tutored as a Jr. High School teacher's aide. Comics bridge the gap from picture books to chapter books for kids nicely - and the best part: they don't even notice that they're *ick* LEARNING TO READ. Oh sure, it's a little trickery, but frankly, instilling a love of reading is the greatest 'trick' you can pull on a kid. And it lasts a lifetime.

So check out the Free Comic Book Day website. Put your zip code into the 'store locator' to find a store near you that's participating and go pick up a pile. And if you don't have kids: so what? Get 'em for yourself!


Gary said...

Thanks for the heads up on Free Comic book day. I am going to send a letter home to the parents of all my students so they can take advantage of it.

You are right. I have found comic books to be a fantastic way to hook children on reading. There are so many wonderful text features that call for sophisticated navigation of print, the pictures help tell the story, tons of details and great storytelling.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Thanks for the 411! I know some people who will be very interested in hearing this.