Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hmmmm.... April + Depression = Taxes!

Oy vey, I swear I do NOT enjoy doing my taxes. The saving grace at this point is that it seems my episode of depression and anxiety has lifted (there is a strong possibility it was related to certain pain medications that were prescribed to me that I took... without being completely certain that they would be okay - because I like 'em... - UH DUH, lesson learned.)

Luckily my physical therapist is making amazing strides with my kooky-numbness, so I don't so much need the painkillers as I WANT the painkillers.

Have I mentioned my somewhat addictive personality?
Yes, thanks Joy, you might have touched on that... ever so briefly. A-hem.

And there ya go. I'm feeling MUCH, MUCH better - and so, SO grateful for all the support from friends IRL and here in the ether (and in the 'verse! - that one's for Whim). Really, I hate feeling like such a whiner, but you know when you're down you're down; whether it be your brain chemistry going off to do something voluntarily or with a gigantic nudge from some magic pills given to you by your 'pain specialist' doctor. I'm actually relieved that my trek into the darker places was from the latter rather than the former. I stopped taking the painkillers and TA-DA! feeling much better now. If it had been something physical, my brain unhinging all on its own, it would be a whole different story to find the solution. And that would be a complete mess. For me, any way.

Feeling better now, the sun is shining, metaphorically, because it sure as hell didn't shine here today. We have flood warnings in effect, and I saw a strange old man with a crowd of animals following him down to the pier... hmmmm... nahhhh, couldn't be. Despite the torrential rain here I'm feeling pretty freakin' happy, I ran... a little too hard because now my knee is swollen... damn, I watched a dvd, played with the dog, wrote a lot, and then my bubble of fun and procrastination was burst: April 15.

Yes I know we have until the 17th this year, but I have stuff to do Monday and Tuesday and I wanted to get this particular horrorshow out of the way before then.

There was only one year I did my taxes ON tax day and trust me: it was a nightmare! I swore I'd never let that happen again. So far, so fine. But that year I had to go to the 34th Street Post Office at 10:00PM to get my envelopes sent. I finished filling out the forms around 9:30... ugh.

This last minute filing, I don't know how it is in other places, but it's a big deal here. The news crews go down to the 24/7 Post Office to chat with the great procrastinators... usually the same people who start their Christmas shopping around 5Pm on Christmas Eve. And that one year I was among them. It was an experience. Stressful, but still an experience. It was actually like a Shrove Tuesday fest. Wow... notice all the religious and biblical references here as I talk about Tax Day. I don't suppose I need any help interpreting that symbolism! But that's just me.

So I did my taxes today, and can't efile them until tomorrow because my bank transfer into my checking account won't go through until then and at present my checking account is proud to be holding my $1.94. Yay! Thank you Checking Account!

Naturally I owe the IRS slightly more than $1.94.

Not as much as I feared, so I'm more relieved than bummed.... okay, that's a total lie: I'm BUMMED!

But it's not so bad. I'd rather be bummed than Depressed, it's annoying, but a lot less painful and scary.

Happy Tax Day.


Gary said...

Boy, you really took that advice and got a little P!NK.

You know, when you mentioned the "Old Man" I thought for sure it was a Moonstruck reference.

Looking forward to taking you out on the town tomorrow!

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

(and in the 'verse! - that one's for Whim)

*grins from ear to ear*

I'm glad you feel better. Painkillers can really mess with your mood.

LOL! You know I think every news station in the country does the stake out at the old post office on tax day. I wonder if the reporters like it (because it is easy) or hate it (because it is boring).

Joy said...

Gary - "Old man you give those dogs another piece of my food - I'm gonna kick you 'till you're dead." Thank you. NO. THANK YOU.