Monday, April 23, 2007

some days you should stay in bed....

Okay, I don't really mean that, but honestly some days nothing goes right! Or at least there are enough "whoops" or "awww crap" moments to make you want to start the day over.

After my amazing klutz-apalooza at the gym yesterday I was supposed to see a play. It was a matinee, I left myself a full hour to get to this show. I felt all calm and relaxed, it was a gorgeous day. I thought I might walk to the show (which was completely on the other side of Manhattan) but after the gym... well... I thought I'll take the bus across town and walk home after the show - when there would be no rush about being on time.


Good luck sister.

I missed the crosstown bus by seconds - literally. But still, I had a full hour so I just patiently waited for the next bus. And waited. And waited. And waited. Day turned to night, seasons changed. And I waited. Yeah, well it seems the buses stopped running. Now I had no choice about walking, I would never make it on time, so I made the big splurge and hailed a cab.

Oh man, will I ever learn?

Seems there was a parade of some kind. (Let me say right here that parades are one of my least favorite things. I just don't get the appeal.) This meant Fifth Avenue was closed and every other avenue was a parking lot. Not to mention my cab driver didn't know about the parade and had to make a detour - aren't they supposed to know about roads being closed or am I a complete innocent here?

Any way.

The show was at 3:00. As I had now gone approximately 11 blocks (not including the detour) and was STILL on the East side at 2:45 I gave up the fight. Got out of the cab ($10 later) and walked home.

Okay. So I missed the show, which SUCKS. It cost me $10 to do that. Which sucks. But it was a gorgeous day and I had some free time, so I decided to return a phone call to my friend. Now this woman has had the same phone number for what... 12 years? I call her all the time. For some reason yesterday I could NOT dial. I called 3 wrong numbers before I pulled out my phone book -- I swear I was hitting the right numbers. Oy.

I opted to stay in for the rest of the day.

Why tempt fate?


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Here's hoping that today is much better.

Joy said...

awww it wasn't so bad. more "what the....????" than bad. But today it's all good!

Gary said...

Did you at least say something interesting to the wrong numbers like "Captain Hook went to Syracuse"?

Sorry about the odd turn of events. Now you know how I felt when I missed Ms. Alison Fraser that night.