Monday, May 21, 2007

aw hell

I was on the subway at some point on Saturday... where was I going again? Oh who can even remember that long ago. What I do remember is being smashed into a subway car like it was rush hour and some joker BREATHING on me. As clear as day I knew right then that I was going to end up with a cold. I even mentioned it to a friend during a phone call when I started sneezing; I never sneeze. I'm blessed to have no airborne allergies, hay fever and such are things I've never had to deal with, seriously I only sneeze if I accidentally inhale pepper (please, like it's never happened to you) OR I'm really sick... I'm lucky that way. So the sneezing Saturday night reinforced my premonition of impending illness.

I hoped the dry throat and sinus ache were just the result of some dehydration. Yeah, no.

Three liters of water (and corresponding multiple trips to the bathroom) provided no relief - not dehydrated.

And now I'm sure. I'm feeling a sneeze working up. My head is foggy, and heavy. I'm soooo sleepy and my throat remains dry no matter how much I drink. *sigh* I think I may need to invest in a bicycle. The subway is so not working for me, in so many ways.

On the bright side I do have a great big box of Puffs (with added aloe vera, for my oh so delicate nose) and I got the Pilates done in the morning so I can curl up on the couch with some Sleepy Time tea and take a nappy without feeling too much laziness guilt. (There will always be laziness guilt - it's just a matter of how much.)


Oh yeah.
I'm sick.


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Feel better soon!

I eat lots of really spicy food when I get a cold. It seems to help.

Happily Anonymous said...

I hate getting sick this time of year. Actually getting sick at any time is a bummer.