Wednesday, May 09, 2007

blah blah blah where's the ice cream?

A pile of ideas are setting up shop in my freaky little brain, and not a one of them wants to open for business. I peruse the shelves of these unopened stores of wonder and for the life of me cannot choose. I'm browsing. It's time to buy!


This is not writer's block, it's writer's disorganization.

Think I'd rather have the block, thank you.

It's amusing (to nobody but me) that I can yammer on and on, jumping from one topic to another and then somehow circling back to the original topic: when I'm TALKING. If I try to do that here, with the inventory of ideas floating down the aisles of my own personal Stop N Shop of a brain it would turn into a novella instead of a blog entry. And I trust no one wants to read my rambling novella. Oh one day you might. One day you'll think to yourself, "Gee, I wonder what that shopping metaphor novella of Joy's would have been like... sure wish I could read that now. It would go really well with this bowl of Cheetos." Watch, you'll think it now! You'll hate me for it, but you'll think it! mwahahaha

Completely jumping topics here: that flying dream really is tormenting me! Not in a bad way, but I can't seem to stop thinking about it. It was so brief, and I've spent 10 times the waking hours thinking about it than it actually took to dream the thing. I understand these flying dreams stay with people for an extended time, longer than other types of dreams. I think to myself, there: look at that, if I'd managed to kill myself (almost 2 years 7 months ago now! woo-hoo!) I would have never had that flying dream. I wish I could hold the feeling and make it physical, a little totem to carry around with me. It was so expansive and freeing... and I want to have that dream again. Right now would be nice... though that would involve going back to sleep and the fact is I have to haul it to the gym not the bed this morning. So no luck there.

How do people who have these dreams often cope with being awake? Gary: help me out here honey. I'm craving it like a drug... or
Häagen-Dazs Pomegranate Chip ice cream. (if you haven't tried it, splurge: it is the SHIT!

For the vegans or lactose intolerant Turtle Mountain makes one that is also fantastic! It's also a lot cheaper and healthier for you.

Flying, pomegranates, chocolate and shopping metaphors... what the ....? I dunno, you tell me. See? Rambling.

I'm paralyzed by all the things I want to say, all the things I want to do and because of the overload I seem to do ... nothing. Actually, I am doing... it's just never enough! The world is too full, my brain is too curious and there is not enough time. God I admire people who can focus. People who can pick a thing and stay with it, like a career or a hobby. I tend to submerge in the current obsession and then *poof* I'm over it. Where does that get me? Aiiiiieeeeeee!!!

Clearly someone needs to go run for a while and clear the cobwebs. Maybe then I'll settle down, the shopkeepers will turn their 'closed' signs around to 'open' and we can get to something that actually makes some sense.

BTW if either Häagen-Dazs or Turtle Mountain would like to pay me for these little promotions, I'm more than willing to be paid in pints. Oh... and if you could make this flavor sugar-free I'd be even happier!


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Instead of letting the flying dream torment you maybe you should sit down and reflect on it for a good long while. It sounds like it wants/needs your attention.

Gary said...

Hi baby,
As one who does indeed spend a great deal of my dream life flying (when I am not hangin' with my good friends Linda Ronstadt, Jennifer Aniston, or Madonna - talk about not wanting to wake-up) I welcome you to the heights. It is a great dream.

Many years ago I read 'Illusions'and 'One' by Richard Bach and he wrote about meeting up with someone in your sleep on the astral plane (that in itself is an interesting concept). Maybe now that you are 'up and about' we could work on that. How cool would that be?