Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Can I do one more cranky, angsty, less than cheery post?


I don't know about you, my faithful reader and a half, but I'm just getting tired of my own dreck lately. It's odd because I don't start out wanting to post the sad, uninspired rambling bits of boredom I've been spewing lately... it just seems to happen. I don't know it this is good or bad. Maybe good. Maybe some stuff needs to come out that I try to keep down. Eh. maybe not.

The weird thing is that I'm not sad or blue or any of that... in fact I'm a little over-energized and in an attempt not to completely destroy my knee, I'm enforcing the "stay away from the treadmill policy" (at least for another day) and in an attempt to steer clear of my other vice of choice (internet shopping) I'm writing more.

The unfortunate thing about the writing more is that I'm doing it here instead of the many other projects I should be working on... because I'm an attention whore. *sigh* There, it's been said. A shy attention whore. You try it! It's very confusing.

Happily I'm going to the theater tonight which will force me to pay attention to my brethren shy attention whores (actors, face it 95% of 'em are shy) and will give me a legitimate reason to walk a few miles. Walking is okay, isn't it, my little crunchy knee?

I have this thing about just 'going for a walk'... I can't do it. I need a destination, no matter how minor. I've got to mail this letter, hmmm I believe there's a mailbox 3 miles away - let's go!
I could walk on the treadmill at the gym but I'm only fooling myself: I can walk for about 5 minutes and then I feel the compelling urge to run and cannot stop myself. I don't feel that urge on the street - concrete is so not for running. But get my fat ass on a treadmill and all I want to do is click that dial up and run run run... except my knees seem to be in league against that.

Seriously, if it was one knee all the time, or both knees all the time it wouldn't be so suspect - but when the bastards switch off as they have recently done the jig is up. I'm onto their scheme. *sigh*

There's that rambling again. Sorry.

So it's back to the Pilates today - and I have to say while I barely felt a thing yesterday when I first tried it I absolutely felt a little sumpin' sumpin' today! How very exciting.. okay, exciting for me. Boring for you. And as it is supposed to be good for relieving neck tension, I'm even more excited.

But you know what is even more exciting? Oh c'mon... think a minute and I will bet you can guess what I'm going to say next... thinking? Oh try harder.


The Niagaras are playing this Friday, April 18 at the Red Lion. If you are in New York, come down. And walk if you can: it's good for you!
If you're not in New York... I have to wonder why.


Gary said...

Oh, wow! I guessed it! I somehow just knew that you were going to say The Niagaras were playing Friday. I must be psychic huh?

Joy said...

uh... yeah. psychic, that's it. Then again, we all know it "doesn't take an idiot"

Happily Anonymous said...

Knees and concrete don't mix. Of course I'm getting to be a frail old guy and I'm not sure I'd be crazy about a treadmill either.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I hope you knee gets better. Don't know how long this connection will last. Hello and I miss you!