Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Could ya sit still for a minute????

I did get out and walked off a little of the antsy-ness. I even went to the park! It would have been really great if Basil had come along, but heaven forbid my dog go anywhere near a PARK. *shudder* there are DOGS there! So I went alone and looked enviously at all the people whose dogs wanted to come out with them. Nice doggies. Mine was at home watching soap operas and the tape of his Auntie Charissa's L&O:CI episode! Not that I can fault him for that - it was a damned fine show.

But I did bring my camera, in lieu of the dog, and here you see what happens when fading cherry blossoms meet the winds coming off the East River. It's pretty. Like pink snow. I wish I'd been able to get a decent shot of it actually fluttering to the ground but that seemed only to be happening on the street, so I missed it in motion, but I still think it looks pretty.

Most of the tulips I saw on my little trek were on their last legs... umm... petals? And looked so sad. These actually look okay here - but up close they had some serious city miles on 'em.

Not so this little display! They were still raring to go.

This park had been the scene of a rather emotional ... what... can I call it a 'talk'? doubtful... between the Very Bad Man in my life and I. This, in fact, is the very bench we sat on and discussed... NOTHING. At least nothing that was ever resolved over the following five years of pain and torment. (Ugh. Call me slow.)

I was surprised to find it empty on such a gorgeous day. Somehow the empty bench seemed appropriate and I wanted to document it. I wrote some really painfully bad poetry about this non-discussion we had on this bench. Word to the wise: do not get involved in a romantic relationship when your world is collapsing and you are an emotional wreck. It's unlikely you will be attracting a good person while you're in that state. I'm just saying.

Happily all that is over and in the past. Although I have to admit to some small residual anger and disgust, but only a very little bit as I rarely think of him now. And even that little bit is passing. Which is a very good thing.

If I could get this hyper/manic/antsy feeling to pass THAT would be a very good thing TOO!


Bella said...

Beautiful pics! Tulips are my favorites, and those in the 2nd shot were so lovely. Thanks for sharing.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Great pics Joy! Thanks!