Sunday, May 20, 2007

I know you've been waiting

Who am I to deny the people what they want? Even if they don't realize they want it just yet. Well by God people I know you're itchin' to hear what I've been doing for the past 48 hours or so... okay so even if you're not. My blog. 'Nuff said.

Friday was my friend Lori's birthday. (Say: Happy Birthday, Lori everyone)

Her sister provided this cake, which I have to say, despite the absence of chocolate was fantastic.

There was an intimate soiree held at Miss Lori's palatial estate (read NYC apartment and let us all dream big) with her friends and family; who are, as is fitting, all funny, in the early part of the evening. Despite my party phobia I had a great time. GO figure! Then a portion of the party, including the birthday girl, headed down to The Red Lion to see The Niagaras. Really, I cannot stress this enough - if you happen to be lucky enough to have a birthday fall on a day they are performing: go, treat yourself. Or better still, throw yourself a fabulous birthday bash and hire them to play! There's really nothing else that will set the tone for the coming year in quite the same happy, silly, lovely way. (and no, I do not get kickbacks - I just want to spread the love).

The delightful and charming Niagaras were sweet enough to sing a little song for Lori. Lead singer Robert Whaley stepping back for a moment to let Tony Grimaldi do his thing. You can watch it here. I can't stop smiling when I see this. Whoever said 'nice men aren't sexy' has obviously never met The Niagaras.

The fabulous Rafael and his adorable bride Jeannette also attended the festivities - and I actually managed to dance for the first time in months and months... and months because I'm all brave about my pinched nerve and f-d up knee. FUN? Yes. It was a really fun night. Holy hell... does that sound like severe understatement or what? Geez Joy, grab a thesaurus fer cryin' out loud!

So that was Friday. And there's the insomniac nut, yes that would be me, up until god knows when, 3 hours sleep and I'm off to the theater... and walking home from 3 miles away, because, you know, I love the walking. Followed by 5 hours of phone catch up with my friend Kori who has just received an academic achievement award (read $$$) for her outstanding performance towards her horticulture degree. Go Kori! AND the very exciting news that her roommate, Jeanne will be performing in NYC in July! Of course I will be pushing that as we approach the date, because... it's what I do.

Today was an hour of Rafael kicking my ass and then another dose of the theater, because that is also what I do. And another 3 mile stroll home. YESSSSSSSS. Take that you ornery knee!! HA! Add to all this the general attempts at getting the dog to go out, cleaning the apartment (yeah, right liar) and polishing my chipped nails (yes, I am a little girly) and trying to get through Catch & Release (because, admittedly I do have a bit of thing for Kevin Smith... despite this movie being something of a chick flick - for Kevin I'll get through it).

Now I'm starting to feel a little bit sleepy! Nice! I feel like there's a pile of stuff I need to do, emails to reply to, writing to get to, one last giant box of crap to either sell on eBay or chuck ... ah hell, it can all wait.

Life is good. Tiring. But good.


Gary said...

Hey Sweetie,
You have had a busy weekend. The pictures you took on Friday night are fantastic! I'm glad you all had a wonderful time. Sounds like you need a weekend to recover from your weekend.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Wow! What a weekend!

Happy Birthday, Lori!