Friday, May 18, 2007

I miss movie popcorn...

I cannot remember the last time I went to a movie. No that's not true, it was JANUARY. And it wasn't at a 'regular' movie theater, it was at the Museum of Modern Art. Not that it doesn't count, but for someone who used to practically live at the movies it's amazing. And the Museum does not have popcorn.

I used to love to go to the first showing of the day (when Hannibal opened they had a 9:00AM showing - yes, I was there) and I loved movie popcorn for breakfast. Yes, yes, which is part of the reason I need to run and do Pilates. But there's more to that than popcorn. Any way...

I stopped going a few years ago. Part of the reason was I cannot stand to pay $10-$11 for a movie that will be available on DVD in 6 months or less, especially when I know damned well that no matter how empty the theater is at the first showing of the day invariably some 7 foot tall guy wearing a wide brimmed hat with a girlfriend who is 6 feet tall with a bouffant (with a bow on top) will sit DIRECTLY in front of me. And talk. Loudly. To each other and on their cell phones. While eating nachos and hotdogs. And running to the bathroom at least twice.

That's more than I can tolerate for a big screen experience. I'd rather go to the theater. People tend to behave a little more respectfully when they pay more: and when there are live performers in front of them. I said Sometimes. Sometimes people are just ill-mannered regardless of where they are.

It takes a lot for me to go to a movie now. It has to be something I'm dying to see, something that requires a big screen (like an action movie) or something that is a special event. And even then it requires much internal debate. The days of me just popping into any old movie are gone. It's just not what it used to be. Of course it's not just the 'experience' that is less than worthwhile but the movies themselves. There is so much crap being made today that it boggles the mind. Studios keep regurgitating the same movies, remaking movies that have been successful in other countries, remaking the same old same old just because it did well in the past. It's depressing that the only time something original is made is when it is an independent film. The amount of money blown on boring, bad movies is astounding. How about putting a little of that budget into a risk, something that is not a remake, something NEW? Yeah, and Santa is bringing me a pony for Christmas this year.

Sadly the same thing happens on Broadway. But at least there is the equivalent of the Independent film in Off-Broadway or Off-Off-Broadway where you can often find absolute gems of creativity.

Still, I do miss going to the movies.

I miss watching trailers. I miss that teeny adrenaline rush that happens when the lights finally go down and the film starts. The excitement of feeling drawn into a new place. I miss being engulfed by an overly loud sound system and a large screen that becomes, for approximately 90 minutes: the world. And yes, I miss the often stale, artificially flavored, popcorn.


d. chedwick bryant said...

my best memories of movie going was when I was a tiny kid and my eldest sister would take me to see everything and anything. She'd buy us soda from a weird day glo machine that offered "carbonated" and "Non carbonated" soda. The machine was far better than the soda--it was beautiful to look at. it glowed in the darkness.
we'd sit in the balcony--the seats were like Velveteen, the theaters were grand!
chilly willy or woody woodpecker or sometimes even TexAvery cartoons and then coming attractions & the feature. we'd sit through everything twice.
we'd eat popcorn which was very salty and eat sticky candies.
It was a magical world of thick darkness with the huge screen and the hushed audience.

so completely different from today.
I love DVDs and homemade popcorn anyway.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I am the same way, I really have to want to see it to go to the theatre. And I adore the previews!

Jay said...

I love previews too, I won't pay the $12 if I've missed them.
But ever since my friend Caro told me a little secret about movie popcorn, I haven't had a single kernel.