Thursday, May 31, 2007

pink, blue, pink, pink, oops

Babeeeeeeeee, it is hot hot hot today! And I have not had a cup of the divine joe since Monday. AND I'm still not freaking out! Woo-hoo! I was about to make a pot this morning because I was on total auto-pilot... (shocking) so much so that I took the wrong pills this morning. oops. See the Xanax and the Synthroid are virtually the same color and I just grabbed. Every morning the first thing I do is take a blue (Zoloft) and a pink (Synthroid) and then I make the blessed brown stuff (COFFEE people, COFFEE!) This morning I opened the wrong bottle, saw the pink and popped it. The second it went down I knew I'd made a big mistake (Xanax dissolves and you get a little hint of YUCK - this doesn't happen with the Synthroid.) *sigh* Since I wasn't really stressed, the Xanax knocked me right out and back to bed I went. Good times. No coffee, but lots of sleep. And that's not so bad. But I had wanted to get going early today and sabotaged myself right into another sleepy time. Ah screw it! I need the sleep - I always do, a lifetime of insomnia will do that to you. So it's just as well.

This detoxing is pretty great so far. I'm currently having a torrid affair with celery. Cannot get enough of it. I'm freakin' CRAVING celery! What's THAT about? I mean, c'mon, celery? Is there caffeine in celery? Hmmm.

I really am just blathering here, but I have recently been told that some people are disappointed if there isn't a new entry every day. I cannot be the creator of disappointment! So here ya go. You asked for it. (if you didn't ask for it, I do apologize - I'll come up with something more deep and earth shattering later when the Xanax fully wears off... and the heat abates!)


marxsny said...

I usually take one of the pink ones along with 2 Miltown and a vodka martini, just like Maude.

Joy said...

God'll get you for that.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Maybe you should mark the top of the bottles with a black marker.