Wednesday, May 02, 2007

This is why organized religions piss me off

This is an actual sign outside a church on Park Avenue in New York City. I was passing it on my walk home from a stooopidly full day. I was going to let it go, but thanks to the wonder that is cell phone camera technology I thought why let it go when you can rampage about it? Ta-Da!

Anyone who has ever been near me when the topic of religion comes up knows that it is best to steer clear... unless they're in the mood for a big ol' rant. Which, naturally, I try to make as amusing as possible. If I've learned only one thing in this life it's this: if you want people to listen to you bitch and moan you'd damned well better make them laugh at the same time. It's the golden rule.

Whether that will hold true here is another story.

I look at this sign and I shudder. But not out of fear of the 'everlasting punishment', because I think that's absolute BULLSHIT. It's an unbelievably clever psychological marketing ploy that has been used with giddy success for as long as there have been organized religions. How better to control people than by telling them that they will burn in eternal hellfire unless they tow the line? It's Goddamned GENIUS! Said line being whoever happens to be in power at the time. And let's be honest: organized religion is not about spirituality, never was, never will be. It's about getting people to fork over their valuables, be it property, cash or just their freedom of thought.

I have the utmost respect for anyone who thinks out their spiritual beliefs and tries to lead a good, ethical life by those beliefs. Yes, even if those beliefs coincide with an organized religion. I have no respect for people who are brainwashed at an early age and have never given their spiritual beliefs a second thought because they "Know it all" already because it's WHAT THEY WERE TAUGHT.

Well. If I believed everything I was taught I'd be in one f-ing helluva mess. I would believe that I could become pregnant from the slightest kiss from a boy, I would believe ice freezes faster if you make it with boiling water, I would believe that it is better never to ask for anything because if you ask you will never be given it, I would believe that giving my money to the catholic church so that the pope could have a new dress would feed the poor, I would believe that it is okay to beat your wife when you're drunk, I would believe it is okay to lie to people who love you, I would believe that if you put wine in a paper cup and hide it in the cupboard that no one will ever believe you are an alcoholic, and I'd believe that you could commit any heinous act under the sun and as long as you said a good act of contrition to a man behind a screen wearing a long black dress that you would be forgiven and go to heaven... and I'd believe that if you ate meat on a Friday you'd go to hell (of course that was only up until Vatican II.) Kee-RIST.

Bull... may I say... SHIT.

Okay, see this is what happens. I get a little ... um... riled.

I have some issues.

I think the whole concept of tax exempt organizations bullying and frightening people with their hypocrisy and self-serving 'interpretations' of the word of god is the most despicable of crimes and it has gone on and on for centuries. How many people have been killed in the 'name of god'? Millions. And for what? Break it down: for power and wealth. That's all.

I may be mistaken, but as far as I know there is a commandment that is pretty universal throughout all the start-ups of these religions. The basic premises that they begin with (all of which sound like they're on the right track... until you get humans involved). It goes something like "thou shalt not kill". Yet how many have been killed simply for having differing viewpoints from the religion du jour?


Well. I'm sure I'm going to be burning in that fiery ol' lake in hell. I can smell the brimstone now. Yum!!! Everlasting punishment? Kiss my shiny white Irish ass.


Gary said...


I wish I have a choice of a larger font. I agree with you AND I am a church going patron of organized religion - however not blindly following the herd. You have written a wonderful comment on this issue and I say BRAVO!

BTW - Your phone takes amazing pics.

Róisín Rua said...

Being raised Catholic in the Most Catholic Country In The World (that would be Ireland....although I do realise others are vying for that title), and all the talk of fire and brimstone that went with it, is the reason I am now a Buddhist-leaning agnostic.

That sign is amazing....just goes to show the Catholics aren't alone in their delusions....

marxsny said...

One of the things that irritates me the most with organized religion is how so often the strict, inflexible religious ideology can suddenly mutate into a different ideology if it benefits the church. The pope recently decided that now infants who die before being baptized go the heaven and not to hell or purgatory as according to the previous belief. Yea, that makes up for the 1000 years of children being raped and molested by Catholic priests. Organized religions are based on exclusion not inclusion which makes them no different than any 2 bit college fraternity.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Some issues? LOL!

Great post!

Eddie said...

VENGEANCE IS MINE...And so forth, scare people into being good? Misuse of power. Ched and I are gonna see Bob in June in the Catskills--he'll also be at Jones Beach-- But thanks for mentioning it to Ched.

Anonymous said...

we forget all of the kids molested by pastors and ministers and nuns, too all religious offenders seem to get off the hook because the focus is on one guilty group--catholic priests. the big scandal with the baptist christian school-- where boys "visited" the pastors office all of time--never girls. the girls were lucky, but all of those little boys--all afraid to say anything for all of those years! and when they finally found out, they just let the pastor retire. it never makes much news unless it is a catholic priest.

Jamie said...

Heh, that sign cracked me right up!!

Organized religion is NOT my cup of tea...I was particularly displeased when a church my mother joined (after my dad had just died and left her with no money, no insurance and enormous debts which resulted in bankruptcy) insisted she give them 10% of her meager income. Are these people cracked? God doesn't expect you to pay for salvation!