Saturday, June 16, 2007

ain't got no (circadian) rhythm

I have the most bizarre chronic insomnia. I'm up when I should be down, down when I should be up and basically all messed up when it comes to sleep (where's my damned Vicki Carr album?)

This evening around 7pm I sat down to peruse the fabulous Vegan with a Vengeance cookbook that I'd gotten from the library yesterday (and instantly ordered from amazon because THIS is a book I need to have for my very own). I wanted to pick out a couple of recipes that I could make right now, with things that I already have on hand, and just GET COOKING. Um. Not so much. I woke up from my "reading" at 12:30AM! WHAT THE . . .?!!!! Whaaaaaa happpened????!!!

I'm steaming (and I don't mean broccoli!) I had planned to go out tonight - instead I'm napping like a granny after the early bird special!!! So irritating. And of course now it's 1:00 AM and I'm WIDE awake. *sigh*

If anyone has suggestions on how to normalize sleep patterns, I'd love to hear 'em. Over the years I've tried everything from cutting out caffeine to salt on the tongue (hey, I'll try anything) nothing seems to work. Even "may cause drowsiness" medications only work about 25% of the time. The only thing that does seem to work is WANTING to stay awake. . . then I'm out like a light. (I guess I'm just contrary, like my mother always said.) Sadly I can't convince myself I want to stay awake when I really want to sleep - otherwise I'd be fine and this post would not exist because I'd be out dancing . . . or at least attempting my lame ass version of dancing.


d. chedwick bryant said...

robert goulet works too.... insomnia really sucks--get sleepy soon.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

This is a last resort tactic that I've done a time or two; skip a sleep cycle. Stay up all night and do not allow yourself to nap the next day. Go to bed at the time you want to that night but before you do "power down". By that I mean turn off the TV, music, computer, and as many lights as possible for at least an half hour before bedtime. Also try to establish a bedtime ritual.