Friday, June 15, 2007

An apple a day. . .

. . . makes a lot of Apple Sorbet!

We begin here. Inauspicious? True. It's just 3 sliced green apples, tossed with some fresh lemon juice to prevent oxidation (though green apples tend to brown much more slowly than others) and then the whole thing is frozen overnight.

The next morning you mix the frozen slices with simple syrup (equal parts water and sugar boiled up (then chilled) = simple!). Then it's a semi-tedious process of pureeing the apples and syrup in a food processor. Tedious because I have a 'jr.' food processor when I need a full sized grown up version. *sigh* It's always something.
OF COURSE if anyone is interested in sponsoring me for a 'real' food-processor, I would not deprive them of that pleasure. Oh I'm kidding. No really, stop. Really. Um. Alright, I like Cuisinart if you insist.

When you've finally gotten it all pureed and smooth it looks like this!
Off this pile of slushy sweet green yumminess goes into the ice cream maker for maybe 20 minutes or so (sorbet seems to get 'done' faster than ice cream). Then you can either serve it or put it away in the freezer (for that festive dinner party... or whatnot.)
This is not the sort of thing I would think of as comfort food, as I might with other flavors (chocolate). The tartness however is perfect for after a meal - especially something spicy or heavy - on a hot day. It's sweet, but not too sweet and it's super refreshing! Besides, it's hard to resist that color.

I wanted to bring some to my friends who I have a standing Friday lunch date with, but because it's home-made it doesn't have all those binders that store-bought sorbet has to keep it stable during shipping. Had I brought it we would have been having apple Slurpees. Still. Apple-y goodness abounds at my place!

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