Friday, June 01, 2007

Hello June

Today is the first day of this ScriptFrenzy thing I've signed up for. Oh sure I didn't finish the NaNoWrimo in November (though I did do it in 2004) but I'm not letting that deter me! I've been knocking this idea for a stage play around in my hollow little head for years. I did research years ago and then never quite got around to actually writing the thing. Maybe the incentive of 'do it in a month' will get it done. Maybe not. Either way, I figure, give it a shot.

The goal of this thing is to write 667 words a day - which should leave you at 20,000 words by midnight on June 30th. So far I have 738. So I have a teeeeny little cushion! And I absolutely need it. Part of my procrastination on this project today was to spend more than an hour doing cardio at the gym (way too hot to walk outside today). There's no reason procrastination has to be a bad thing. Of course when you have 42 irons in the fire everything you do winds up being a procrastination of something else. There's really no way around it. There are things you want to get done, or have to get done so doing those things means something else is not getting done. It's all so confusing! *sigh* Just put me in a fluffy white bunny suit and give me a pocket watch. Though it's a mite hot for a metaphor like that today. 10PM and it's 84 degrees. I know, suddenly I'm a white rabbit giving weather updates. I think that's my cue to try to sleep.



Last night (when it was a mere 90 degrees) true to my contrary ways, I decided to make a casserole. Yeah. In the oven. Baking. 350 for 45 minutes. Sweeeeet.I made the fabulous Paradise Casserole which is one of the trademark dishes of The Candle Cafe. Got the cookbook from the library (you can see the recipe here). I do so love the library. And I was shocked that they'd put the recipe for this amazing dish in the book. But there it was: and I had to make it. It's basically a layer of millet, a layer of black beans all topped with a sweet potato top. Yum? Oh yes. It came out okay for a first try - not quite as fantastic as it is when someone else cooks it for you, and they serve it over steamed greens with a mushroom gravy. I did not make the mushroom gravy. But here it is with some sauteed spinach. [special thanks to my friend Nancy for the fabulous 'jalapeño' plates!] But still not bad for a first go. There are left-overs for days (it's a big casserole) so I'm happy.
A little dazed, hot, wired and sleepy, but happy.


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Don't feel bad about NaNoWrimo. I've know three people who have tried it and none of them finished it (but they all had great fun trying).

Joy said...

It's stressful but really fun. Something about having a deadline really works!