Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream....

For Vegan ice cream! Okay it doesn't scan exactly the same way, but it tastes divine!

I've been a fan of soy frozen desserts for a while now. Some people don't find them creamy enough but I like 'em. Sadly the flavors available are not always the flavors available in 'regular' ice cream and so a decision has to be made: healthy or cool new flavor? Ahh, not so now!

I ordered an ice cream/frozen yogurt/sorbet machine over the weekend. I've been looking at the tempting recipes on A Vegan Ice Cream Paradise for months and really felt the need to try to make my own. Because as I've mentioned, desserts/baking I'm good with... cooking, not so much. So I ordered the Cuisinart ice cream machine - in RED! I love that amazon.com. It arrived yesterday. Ohhh so exciting!!

I couldn't actually start anything as you have to let the inner chamber of the machine freeze up before you can use it - and it can take up to 22 hours to freeze. So I had to wait until tonight. On Sunday night I got a great deal on bananas (6 for $1 - nice, the fruit stand guy wanted to pack up and go home so everything was priced low). But I knew I'd never eat 6 bananas before they went completely brown and mushy. And I do not enjoy the mushy bananas. Both the dog and the cat love bananas - but even they will not touch one that starts to speckle. Ta-Da!! Banana ice cream to the rescue!

I've always liked Ben & Jerry's flavor Chunky Monkey - so I borrowed the Peanut-butter Banana recipe from Vegan Ice Cream Paradise and left out the peanut butter, threw in an extra banana and pecans and vegan chocolate chips (mini). No, it's not 'low calorie' because there is brown sugar in it, but it's really fresh, really yummy and I am going to guess at the cost of a quart ... somewhere around $2.00 at most. Try finding any sort of decent ice-cream like product at that price for a PINT, let alone a quart!

I love that there's nothing in this that I can't pronounce - and there's nothing in it that I'm wondering "exactly what IS carrageenan... hmmm???? " It's also gratifying to know I can make any ol' flavor I want. Next I'm attempting Green Apple Sorbet, which I had for the first time about 6 months ago and it blew me away. I've had good sorbets before but nothing this fresh and crisp: it literally tasted like you were eating a frozen green apple. Though I don't know how simple it would be to eat a frozen green apple... probably a good way to break a tooth.

So here's my first attempt at vegan "ice cream" the banana, pecan, chocolate chip. Thanks to Agnes L.'s recipe for the starting point. I think I'm going to be making a lot of frozen fun this summer. This is being Vegan? Bring it on!

Yeah, I know. Go to bed Joy.


Gary said...

OOH, yum. You will share with your BFF won't you?

Joy said...

well sure! there's a ton of it - and I have to say it's really filling, not like store-ice creams. So it's kind of PERFECT!

d. chedwick bryant said...

that carageen (sp?) stuff is some irish plantlife--moss maybe.

i heart soy ice cream too.