Sunday, June 24, 2007

Is there a point?

Apparently there is. It's not quite as sharp and pointy as I had visualized, but there's definitely a point.

To this blog, I mean.

I can't know the exact number, but of the tens of thousands (and by tens I do mean literally 10... the thousands may come later) of people who pass through this site accidentally, or via a search for something I made obscure reference to, or because they know I will come after them with a real-live pointy stick love me, I do know of a couple that I may have made some small difference to by writing about my... what do I call it? Journey? eh.. alright it'll do (I'm not feeling the thesaurus right now). I am not about to go blabbing anyone else's business on this blog, I may not be anonymous here, but they are (yes, oddly enough, your secrets are safe with me... go figure!). So while I can't give details I can say that there is a point.

The whole point (sorry, I'm so repetitive) of starting this blog was to offer up an example that someone in trouble might see, and that just knowing someone else [that'd be me: example girl] had been in the same dark place and was now in such a vastly different, wonderfully GOOD place might give them some encouragement. The way I had inadvertently, and wholly by accident (and incredible good luck) been given an example. Sure it's a little tiny drop in a vast ocean, a message in a bottle in a somewhat polluted ocean, but one of the wonderful things about this internet we have here is that if you sift through it you might just find that message - and it could be the very thing you needed to hear.

I know there's no way for me to give back the wonderful gift I was given: this [still] newly-found sense of joy (I swear my name really is problematic) that is my every day life now. That was a once-in-a-lifetime, seriously life-altering gift. But for me, knowing that even one person [possibly 10s of people] might find a tenth of the gift I was given, and take it for their own and run with it (while holding the pointy end of the stick down so as not to hurt anyone), is just one more very joyous gift back to me.

Selfish, ain't I?


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Great post Joy! And you are a great example too BTW.

Happily Anonymous said...

My blog rarely....if ever....has a point.