Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack

Gary came up with the 'Corona Commercial' staging here and I think they're a riot.

Of course this was done on our last day... as we were running out the door!

I'm home, I'm pouring through emails and crying over the fact that I got caught in a water-free "shower" this morning (they're installing a new boiler here and started 20 minutes earlier than they were supposed to - my screams of "F*** THIS!" repeated a dozen times were heard throughout Manhattan.) So... am I glad to be home? Eh. Not so much.

But I will regale you with many stories as soon as I get the 887 photos I took to load up. No, I'm not exaggerating. And, of course, there's a story there as well. I'm going to tell that one teeeny story and then try to organize my life (and photos) so I can entertain you with tales of my Mexico travels!

Last Monday, the day before we left for the land where the sky was born, I was attempting to take some video of a very vocal pigeon uh... let's call it a 'date' that was going on outside my window. Usually I wrap the camera's strap around my wrist as I will sometimes loose my grip on things because of my messed up hands and have learned the hard way not to trust that I can hold things securely. Also I'm a klutz.

Of course it's the day before the big trip and I'm not thinking clearly, and in my haste to catch the pigeon 'porn' did not secure the strap to my wrist. I snapped the camera, got a tiny bit of the vocalizing of the romantic birds on vid and then *splunk* the damaged tendon in my hand decided NOW was a perfect time to take a rest.

The camera hit the wood floor and began making the saddest electronic death knells I've ever heard. *beep* beep *beep* beep *beep*

There was no saving my sweet little Canon.

I was sad.

I also freaked out in a really over-the-top drama queen way. I'M LEAVING THE COUNTRY IN LESS THAN 12 HOURS!!!!! Arrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhh!

True to my Internet-junkie status, I do most of my shopping on line. Which means waiting for shipping. I rarely, if ever, buy things in person. Especially something that requires comparison shopping and a good sale: like a digital camera.

So I grabbed the phone and whined to my very wise buddy Phil (who knows from the cameras and other geek-related equipment). His reply? A very calm: "Dude, you live in New York go to the store and get a camera."



Of course.

But he was a great help and actually being in possession of his faculties, unlike me, did a quick search at Best Buy and found me some good options on sale! I ran to the store and bought a Fuji FinePix, along with a 2GB memory card that was on sale like it fell off a truck. I have to admit, things do happen for the best. The new camera is a charm and the gigantic new memory card allowed me to take a ridiculous amount of stills and video with room to spare. My old camera would never have done so well. So after the drama comes the delight. Much like life, yes? Yes.

Now that I've regaled you with that, WAKE UP! I'm off to do a million errands and I'll be back later with more photos and stories than you could possibly want.

Being alive... it's really wonderful. Really.


Bella said...

Welcome back!

Your story about the camera IS exactly like life. Just when you think things are going down the tubes, you get a bit of perspective, take some action, and end up with something great. My mom always says, "everything happens for a reason," and in this case, that's exactly what happened with your camera klutziness.

I can't wait to see some of the gorgeous Mexico pictures!

Junk Thief said...

Lovely Corona ad photos.

The camera story is typical of my 11th hour crises for international trips, though I usually pop a crown or sprang an ankle to make a 20 hour flight across the Pacific even more horrible.

Cameras for sale in Manhattan? What a thought. I can recall the pre-digital/Best Buy era when I would buy cameras from stores in Manhattan OVER THE PHONE because they were 20-30% cheaper than what you'd pay in the Midwest.

Joy said...

Bella - the photos are coming (though I'll spare you all 800+ of them!).

JT - popping a crown pre-flight is a long-held tradition with me as well. This time I got lucky and just broke a camera instead!

Salty Miss Jill said...

Welcome back! On with the photos and tales of adventure!