Sunday, July 15, 2007


I'm not leaving until Tuesday, but the odds are good I won't have time to post anything after today so I wanted to leave you with this.

I will be in Mexico BUT this FRIDAY, July 20, I want you to go see The Niagaras for me!

You have a whole week to prepare yourselves. So do it! Do it for me, if not for yourselves!

While I'm baking in the beautiful Mexican sun, you can be here (of course you'd be inside... I mean, really, these guys are not playing out on the sidewalk, c'mon!)

Experiencing the best band New York City has to offer whether dressed...

or not...

Me? I'll be hanging with these guys...

Marten on top and Rafael on the right
(who gave me a mango to take home last time I was there - shhh! Don't tell!)

and very likely these guys...

or maybe these guys...

who knows, maybe it'll be THESE guys-- YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

And of course there will be lots of this.

This is right after dawn, it's early bird coffee time (for those insomniacs like me who can't wait until 7a.m. for their caffeine!) Note the indigenous coffee mug on the beach to the left. It's mine, not just left there randomly.The sound is funky because of the wind, but I still like it.

This little memory video I took last time I was in Mexico reminds me a lot of the movie Strange Days. If you've seen it, you'll understand. If you haven't, I suggest you rent it because it's fabulous. One of my favorites. For you Harry Potter fans, Ray Fiennes is in this one - pre-Voldemort, so he's looking pretty. Vincent D'Onofrio, and let's face it, I'm not shy about my admiration of him the guy's crazy-good, and amazingly hot for a fella with a little pug nose. And the ever-awesome Angela Basset, she's tough and oh so vulnerable in this one. Okay, that was a ramble. Sorry. Back to Mexico!

Now don't envy me being in paradise, because I'll be envying YOU. Yes I will. Because you will be able to go see the Niagaras doing THIS

and I, very sadly, will not.

I'll miss The Niagaras, especially since this is my favorite venue to see them, but I hope you will go for me - I'm counting on you! Go!! Then you can taunt me with all the fun I missed!

Friday, July 20th ---- Red Lion, corner of Bleecker and Thompson, West Village, NYC, 10pm, 2 shows! MORE FUN than should be legal!

After I leave my favorite place outside of New York City...

I'll be back on the 24th with fabulous tales of my adventures in Mexico. Such adventures meaning laying around in a hammock reading, and staring at the ocean, but still... you know... exciting.

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Say hi to Mexico for me!