Saturday, July 07, 2007

Poor Blogging Habits

I've been a bad blogger. Long gaps between posts, no follow-up when I said I'd follow-up, just slacking in general here on my baby, the blog.

There's no reason for this other than I feel a little fried, writing-wise. I have several other blogs going as well and those are suffering the same slothful lack of posts. I think I'm just tired. Sort of at the frazzle point. In 9 days (yessssssssss!) I'm leaving for Mexico and I'm sure that's exactly what I need to refresh the excessive wordiness that is more 'me'. Right now I'm sitting on no less than three draft posts that will probably never be published because they're all a bit forced. All a bit: JUST WRITE SOMETHING! ANYTHING!!

There's much to be said about simply writing, start writing and something will come of it. But sometimes, like now, when you're just pooped and your brain is saying: BEACH, MEXICO, MANGO, MARIACHI MUSIC in a repetitive loop, nothing of much substance comes from the 'just start writing' exercise.

Maybe it's because my creative juices, so to speak, are being funnelled into baking, cooking, and constant exciting trips to the health food store to find fun new ingredients for my new-found cooking passions: Nutritional Yeast? YUM!

Maybe it's because it's humid.

Maybe it's because I'm too old pretty to be a writer. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Oh stop me, I'm cracking myself up.

I'm pretty certain that after my trip I'll be more inclined to write an entry every day, and be somewhat succinct. For now, it's babbling and stream of consciousness with a really abrupt ending.


Nancy said...

Where are you going in Mexico?

I dream of it every night, and think about it all day long.

Have a great time, where ever you go!

Joy said...

We're staying at Capitan Lafitte in Punta Bete, 6 miles North of Playa del Carmen directly opposite Cozumel Island. It's so gorgeous and secluded!! But I'm only going on vacation: you are going to LIVE there! That's my little dream!

Ak-Man said...

I think I'm about to step out of my bloggin slump.

I went away to Texas for a week and came back with no desire whatsoever to write. My blog was filled with "forced posts" but I think I'm gettin back on track now.

I enjoy your orphan blog, interesting tales of your youth. I'll be checking there for updates.

Joy said...

Thanks ak-man! I'm very bad about updating the Orphan blog, but I'll try to get on it! :)