Monday, July 09, 2007

Steer Clear of the Cranky Lady!

I heard the Windex call to me this morning. The Lemon-scented Pledge wanted my attention. Ajax, bleach, and ammonia all wanted a piece of me (but I won't let those kids play together: it's trouble!) The Swiffer is practically SCREAMING at me to do the floors.

I started washing vases, cleaning windows, I want to throw out EVERYTHING that's in my way and annoying me.

Basil is the only one who is safe from my wrath today. Though he may get thrown into the bathtub. If I can get him off the chair. But that's unlikely since I can't even get him to go out unless he wants to. Though he does love a bath, so it could happen.
Such an exhibitionist this boy.

Of course this cleaning frenzy can mean only one thing. Alright, one of two things. And I'm not having company. So it's just that One irritating, pain in the ass thing.

The ladies reading here know EXACTLY what I mean.

Fellas: work it out.

Of course this also means I'm not fit to be in public because all anyone needs to do is BREATHE near me and I will blow a gasket. I do not want to do that. Well, I DO... but that's just the hormones talking. (get it NOW? I knew you would.)

The telephone is not safe. I snapped at a friend of mine last night for NO reason whatsoever. Email is safer. Blogging is safer still.

On the happier end of the crankiness is MEXICO! Woo-hoo! One week from tomorrow I will be in the one place, other than a Niagaras show, where I'm able to stop worrying about stuff and chill the F out. And I'll be leaving a REALLY clean apartment for Miss X and her mom who will be babysitting visiting with Basil and Nick while I'm away.

But right now I need to get off the computer so I can open it up and start cleaning the hard drive with a Q-Tip. Yeah. It gets THAT bad.


Bella said...

At least you're taking out your wrath on the house by cleaning it. You've accomplished two things at once -- a place for your agression and a sparkling apartment! Nice.

Joy said...

I wish it was a choice, actually it's just a compulsion. Still, my bathroom is indeed sparkling! :)

Junk Thief said...

I'm not a lady but I think I know what you mean. Ah, Mexico, lucky you. Will Basil get to go too?

Joy said...

Basil? In Mexico? Puh-leez! I can't even get him to walk around the block much less travel internationally! ;)