Thursday, August 09, 2007

Gringos in Mexico - Playa Del Carmen and A Mayan Sacrifice

That's me wondering why I'm STILL posting about this trip....
maybe it's the tequila.

It's unlikely that anyone has dragged out a description of a trip for longer than I am doing here (without being being bludgeoned by friends who were sick and tired of it, that is). However, long-windedness will not deter me! (Certainly never has before.)

Since the days all flowed together, day upon day of beautiful sunrises, one gorgeous day of quiet and escapism after another, eventually all became one and I'm not sure what we did on any given day I'm going to lump our quickie excursion into the town of Playa Del Carmen and the fabulous Mayan Sacrifice show at Lafitte into the same day - although I'm sure they did NOT happen on the same day. Do you care? Of course not, I'm just being anal. Typical.

In Playa we just wandered and shopped for a couple of hours. Though I am sad to say so many of the fun stores that were there on my last trip have closed and/or moved due to the extensive construction that is taking place so 'shopping' was limited.

Seems no matter where you are in the world, you'll find pizza.
Playa has become a wee bit more tourista than I recall, even from my last trip less than a year ago. I know the burgeoning economic growth is great for the people who live and work here, so who am I to say anything, but I can't help a twinge of regret seeing a Häagen-Dazs shop here. There's also a Burger King... but I don't like to dwell.

Next is a Talavera tile store. Every piece is more beautiful and colorful than the next. Displayed outside on either side of the steps are these sinks - gotta admit I covet these things, big time. I have an eBay notification set up so that when there are new ones available I get an email. But all I can do is look. The way the sink is set up in my apartment these just wouldn't work. But I can dream. On the plus side: because I can't buy one any way, I don't ever have to choose one pattern over another. (Though I'm really partial to anything with suns and moons.)
I bought a fabulous mirror here - and I was lucky to have had an easy choice:

I love me some geckos, even on tiles. Gary got a similar one with sunflowers that is just delicious but, sadly, I don't have a photo of that one.

When we were through shopping we had some time to kill while we waited for our ride back to Lafitte. As it turned out the pick up spot was directly in front of a little restaurant that was having a happy hour. We plopped ourselves down and splurged on "2 for $5" margaritas. Possibly the strongest drinks we had on the whole trip. And who could resist these funky hot-pink glasses? Happily neither of us thought about the fact that these were made with ice... who knows if it was purified or not? Certainly not us! Though we kissed 'em up to god, they were great and nobody got sick. Yesssss!

Gary took this and the shot of me at the top with his cell phone! Not too shabby.

This adorable couple is Cal & Cindy (not their real names!) Those are the names we gave them, truth be told Gary came up with the names... to go with the back-story we made up for them because we will entertain ourselves. Look, what's more entertaining than your own imaginations? Okay, maybe a Niagaras' show. But other than that? Exactly.

They were terrifically fun and I'm glad we met them - I found Cal throwing the rubber spider into the pool in front of Gary particularly hilarious. Yeah, I'm kinda cruel that way. But c'mon, rubber spider? When is that not funny?!

One of the many, many wonderful things about Capitan Lafitte is that they provide live entertainment in the evenings. The mariachis are my particular favorite, but I love the Mayan Sacrifice show as well. Lots of adorable, half-nekkid men wearing body paint and feathers... okay now we're going back to Niagaras territory. Sorry. I drift. I drift.

This young woman isn't looking too happy, but then, she IS the object of the sacrifice so I don't suppose a big-sunny smile would really be appropriate, would it?

Here you can watch a quick 30 seconds to get some of the flavor of the show. I find this tune really infectious.

One of the Mayan Sacrifice dancers in a reflective moment.

I have sooo many more photos (and video) I'd love to post, but I think I'd better quit before I end up posting all 900+ photos.


Junk Thief said...

You can never have too much Talavera tile or other items. Well, in my case, maybe you can have too much.

Gary said...

Joy, the picture of Cal and Cindy is adorable. But I must give the real props to that last pic -- timeless and classic representation of the thoughtful individual about to perform a sacrifice. You go with your bad self!

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I'm glad to hear that you had such a wonderful time. :-) Great pics BTW.

I have a signal! It is sketchy (don't know how long it will hold) and not the one from the school, but it's a welcome sight (as is your blog).