Monday, August 13, 2007

When Good Dogs Eat Junk Food

There are some things I know well enough about myself to avoid. Baking cupcakes for instance. I know it's only 'safe' to make them when I have a place to give 'em away. So I only make them on Thursdays knowing full well I can get at least 7 of them out of the house the next day without actually eating them myself. I meet some friends every Friday and I use them as cupcake guinea pigs. Yes, I'm still left to contend with 5 but it's better than 12.

I also know that my all-time biggest weakness in the 'don't eat that you dope' category are potato chips. Plain old ordinary Lays potato chips. It's true: you can't eat just one. Well I certainly can't. So I don't buy them. Except sometimes... that potato chip crack dealer on the corner will waylay me and I find myself shocked to be in possession of an all to delectable bag of potato-y goodness.

It is at that point that I call on the assistance of my faithful furries. Lays potato chips seem to be crack to them as well. Basil is insistent about getting some - Nick will just poke a paw into the bag, or actually try to pull them out of my hand. I'm SURE he does it to save me from the ravages of grease and starch. Yeah. Right.

I know they aren't the best things for the boys, any more than they are for me, but every now and then my genetics win out - I'm doubly doomed you see. Irish and Polish? How the hell am I supposed to deflect the genetic imperative that says EAT POTATOES? I mean, c'mon. Seriously. And when I'm eating them, so are the critters.

Today we had an incident after a bag that had somehow found its way into my apartment the other day was finally empty. The incident was that Basil felt compelled to make sure there was not one speck of salt, oil or potato crumb left in the bag. Fine, I thought. Let him play with the bag, it makes him happy. I was reading and not paying too much attention to what he was doing with the bag. Though I heard the crinkling and knew he was still working on it. Persistent pup I have here.

Then something made me look over at him. And then my evil side said "grab the camera".

His head was stuck in the bag. And I was not only laughing, but taking photos.
Sometimes I'm a cruel mom.


Salty Miss Jill said...

I, too have been known to put my entire head into a bag of Cape Cod original chips.
You are SO RIGHT about the Irish/Polish affinity for salt and starch. I would win the pierogi-eating contest hands down.

Joy said...

Right?! It's genetic! :)

Jill, you're just lucky you don't live near me or I'd probably have taken a picture of you with your head in the bag too. Where won't I go for a laugh?

Junk Thief said...

My temptation is ice cream, and my cat Bunter goes bonkers when I have it. I can't eat it sitting down, or he'll be climbing all over me. I'd never thought of getting a picture, but that's a good idea. When I put it on the floor, he'll just lick it for a second but not really eat any. It's all about the temptation more than acutal consumption, I think.

Yeah, that photo is a litle evil but hilarious assuming you immediatley took the bag off.

Joy said...

It's true JT, oftentimes it's the temptation more than the actual treat. Basil's cat (I will NOT take responsibility for that creature!) will hunt down any food that is left unattended, take bites out of it and then leave it. Believe me, when I find a bunch of bananas with a bite out of each one of them, I know who did it.

And I did take the bag off immediately, he could breathe, and it was only on his head for about 20 seconds. :)

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

My weakness is anything chocolate (especially dark).

LOL @ poor Basil!

Joy said...

Yes Whim, chocolate is the devil's playground, isn't it? ;) Of course if I have that, Basil gets none of it - chocolate is a big no-no for dogs (especially dark). Luckily he's not interested in chocolate. The cat however is another story. *sigh*

marxsny said...

This dog just ate 2 Ho Ho's and half a pack of Oreo's. I once took an amusing picture of someone playing with a plastic bag, but I'm not so sure I should talk about it. ;-)

Joy said...

Oh Mr. Mark, you are a card!! I do feel compelled to say: stay away from the plastic bags - they are not toys! ;) No really.